TLC Advisory Board

Meeting Dates for the TLC Advisory Board

Please check back in the fall for upcoming meeting dates

Meet the TLC Advisory Board

The composition of the TLC Advisory Board includes broad representation of the campus community. The segment of the community that each member represents is given in parentheses following his or her affiliation.

  • Sue Chichester
    Director of Computing and Information Technology (CIT)
  • Dave Gordon
    Associate Provost (Liaison to the Office of the Provost)
  • Cyril Oberlander
    Director of Libraries (Library Liaison)
  • Anne Eisenberg
    Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Meredith Harrigan
    Associate Professor of Communication
  • Avan Jassawalla  
    Professor of School of Business  
  • Brian Morgan
    Assistant Professor of Education
  • David Parfitt              
    Director of Teaching Learning Center (Ex-Officio)