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Testing Center Procedures for Faculty

Spring 2021 Testing Center Update

The Testing Center will be at reduced capacity (4 students at a given time) in order to comply with social distancing guidelines, and will hold reduced hours, 11:00am - 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. Please note that this means a student may not be able to take an exam during the scheduled class time. Due to our reduced hours and capacity, we are encouraging faculty to provide online assessments as often as possible. Students must make an appointment to take an in-person exam, and will require at minimum, 3 business days advanced notice of an exam or quiz (no 'pop' quizzes, please). Walk-ins cannot be accommodated. If the student has missed the 72-hour window, or we do not have space for the student on the scheduled exam day, we will contact you to make alternate arrangements. If students are taking an online assessment, they do not need to make an appointment with the Testing Center. 

If you have any questions regarding Testing Center procedures for the spring 2021 semester, please contact

Students continue to receive their exam accommodations for timed, remote assessments. Faculty may use this step-by-step guide for providing extended time for timed Canvas assessments. Please email with any questions or concerns regarding the provision of exam accommodations. 

Testing Appointment Procedures

All tests must be scheduled by the student at least 72 business hours in advance (e.g. Monday test request must be scheduled by the proposed test time on the prior Wednesday).

When you receive an email notification that a student has submitted a request for accommodated testing, go to the link in the email or to approve or deny the request. The student inputs all information in the request. Please check the requested date and time for accuracy. If the student submits more than one request for the same test, please approve one and deny the others (this will minimize confusion). If denying all, contact the student. Otherwise, fill out the form and submit it noting:

  • Whether books, notes, calculators or other materials may be used (e.g. scantron).
  • Contact information during the test (in case questions arise).
  • How you will get the test to us, and how you would like it returned.

All tests must be received at least 24 business hours in advance of the requested test time (e.g. Monday tests must be received by 3:30 p.m. on the prior Friday). Test envelopes need to be prepared the day before in order to have them ready for the students.

Tests can be:

  • Uploaded to the Testing Services site (preferred method). Tests do not have to be uploaded when approving test requests, tests can be uploaded later. Please do not wait to approve a test request because you are in the process of preparing the test.
  • Hand delivered to Erwin 22.
  • Emailed to

If there is a correction/clarification on a test, notify us as quickly as possible at or 585-245-5112. If time permits, please email or hand deliver the corrected test.

FYI: a) Students who arrive more than 10 minutes late for a test will not be permitted to take the test without permission of the faculty to the Testing Center. The scheduled end time will not change due to late arrival. b) Students must show student ID in order to take a test. c) Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed into the testing room.