Spring Admission FAQs and Next Steps

Congratulations on your admission to Geneseo!

You are part of a very select group of diverse, talented, and highly motivated students chosen to join the Geneseo family.

We know that you have other options available to you, so we hope you’ll take the opportunity to fully explore Geneseo by attending one of our upcoming Accepted Knights Days. They’re great opportunities for you and your family to get an up-close look at Geneseo and engage with our students, faculty, and staff.

Most spring admits will graduate with their peers who started in the fall term. One way you can ensure graduating with your class is to take college courses as a non-degree seeking student at a local community college. We ask that you connect with us before enrolling in these courses. Our goal is to help you graduate on time, so we are here to help with course selection to ensure that you stay on track.

Please contact us at admissions@geneseo.edu or 866-245-5211 with any questions.

Geneseo students

Next Steps

  1. Attend one of our upcoming admitted student programs. You’ll find them highlighted in your admission packet or at Events for Accepted Students.
  2. Submit your $300 enrollment deposit by June 1, 2021. The submission steps are highlighted in your admission letter.
  3. Complete the 2021–22 FAFSA and New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) applications if you’re applying for financial aid. You can find more information about the process at Applying for Financial Aid.

Spring Admission FAQs

Why was I selected for spring admission?

You were selected for spring because of your commitment to your education, involvement with meaningful activities outside the classroom, and passion for studying what you love. However, we are unable to accommodate every student that applies for the fall term.

What does spring admission mean for students?

Students admitted to the spring term will need to submit their intent to enroll and deposit by June 1, 2021.

Submitting your enrollment deposit by June 1 secures your spot in the class. Similar to fall enrollment, we are offering a limited number of spots to students for the spring term.

Can I still attend Accepted Knights Days?

The admissions team has designed a comprehensive online student experience, including a virtual tour and a virtual Accepted Knights Day. Students without access to high-speed internet should contact the Admissions Office immediately, and we will ensure that you receive information.

How do I secure my spot in the class?

please return to your Application Status Page and complete the "Reply to Offer of Admission." After you choose the option I ACCEPT my offer, your option to pay your deposit will be available to you. Please submit your enrollment deposit no later than June 1st, 2021

What happens once I secure my spot in the class?

Students will receive information throughout the summer and fall about what to expect when they arrive in the spring.

Will I have an orientation?

Yes, Spring 2022 students will also participate in new student orientation.

Do I still qualify for financial aid?

Yes. If you choose to enroll for the Spring 2022 term, be sure to submit the 2021–22 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) application.

Your academic plans and use of financial aid in the fall may impact your aid eligibility for the Spring 2022 semester. If you want to discuss your options, give us a call at 585-245-5731.

If I enroll in the spring, can I still graduate on time?

Yes, the majority of students who begin their enrollment in the spring will graduate on time with students who started in the fall.


To ensure graduating on time with your class year, you are encouraged to take courses in the fall at a local college as a non-degree seeking student. Those credits will count toward your SUNY Geneseo degree

How do I know which classes to take?

Our staff can help you decide on the right courses for the fall to ensure that you are on track to graduate with your class year. During the summer, we will contact you to review your plans for the fall semester.

Do I have to take college courses in the fall to guarantee my spot in the class?

No. That’s up to you.

Although not required, taking college courses (up to 11 credit hours, non-matriculated status) during the fall semester that will count toward your SUNY Geneseo degree will help ensure that you graduate with your class.You may decide to work, engage in community service or an internship, or even study abroad for your first semester, which allows students to focus on language proficiency.

What about housing?

All students admitted to the spring term are guaranteed the same housing options as students entering the fall semester.

Will I be able to join student clubs in the spring?

Yes, getting involved is easy and joining clubs and organizations are a great way to meet new people. We have more than 200 student clubs and organizations and most of them actively recruit new members throughout the year.