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Careers in Anthropology

Anthropology Major/Minors Career Opportunities

Anthropology by itself provides a gateway into a variety of fields.  You can also increase your career options by combining anthropology with another major or minor at Geneseo.  The department has an anthropology minor, linguistics minor and sociomedical minor. Recent graduates from the department are finding employment in the fields of:  anthropology, forensic anthropology, cultural resource management, law, medicine, veterinary medicine, conservation, public health, secondary education, non-governmental organizations, nursing, physical therapy, social work, photo journalism, museology,  and library science.   Many students have gap year experiences in the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, and City Internships.

Here are some possible career opportunities which begin with your major or minor in Anthropology.

Anthropology plus Linguistics and Speech Pathology
Communications, Information Science, Applied linguistics

Anthropology plus Art
Museology Cultural Heritage Programs, Community Art Programs, Historical Preservation, Folklore Programs,
Historic Society Organizations

           Anthropology plus American Studies
            Museology Historic Preservation, Folklore Programs, Historical Societies

Anthropology plus Biology
Public Health, Anatomy, Medicine, Physicians Assistant, Chiropractic, Environmental Studies, Forestry, Forensics, Zoo Biology, Primate Biology, Anthropometry Human Genetics Research and Counseling, Medical Anthropology, Epidemiology, Zoo Animal Curation

           Anthropology plus Mathematics and Biology
            Biostatistics Medical Anthropology, Epidemiology

           Anthropology plus Management Science
           International Business, Social Services Administration, Marketing Research

           Anthropology plus Pre-Law
            Law, Family Law, Environmental Law, Community Legal Services, International Law

Anthropology plus Communications/Public RelationsDocumentary Film Making, Production Research, Broadcasting, Marketing Research, Public Relations Personnel Training

Anthropology plus Computer Science
Museum Collection Management, Social Science Research, Marketing Research, Demographic Analysis, Information Science, Archival Management

Anthropology plus Education
Bilingual and Multicultural Education, Teaching, Teaching English as a Second Language, International Education, Education Research, Special Program Development and Evaluation

Anthropology plus Foreign Language
Applied Linguistics in Intercultural Communications, Teaching English as a Second Language, Consulting for International Business, Tourism, International Education, Diplomatic Service, Foreign Services Training

Anthropology plus Geography
Urban Studies, Regional Urban or Rural Planning, Community Planning, Geographic Information, Services, Cartography, Tourism

           Anthropology plus Geology
            Cultural Resource Management Services, surveying and mapping

Anthropology plus History
Museology, Historic Preservation, Cultural Resource Management Services, Archival Management

Anthropology plus English
Investigative Journalism, Documentary Reporting, Science Writing, Business Writing, Editing, Fiction

           Anthropology plus Mathmatics/Statistics
            Biostatistics, Social Research, Demographic Analysis

            Anthropology plus Music
            Ethnomusicology, Music Marketing, Information Science, Community Arts Programs

           Anthropology plus Political Science/International Relations
            Law, Politics, Political Consulting, Public Administration

           Anthropology plus Psychology/Human Development           
           Public Health, Personnel Work, Counseling, Social Services

Anthropology plus Sociology/Organizational and Occupational Behavior
Social Services, Demographic Analysis, Epidemiology, Educational Program Evaluation, Workplace Planning

           Anthropology plus Sociology/Urban Studies
           Urban Planning

           Anthropology and Criminal Justice
           Law Enforcement, Security Services, Criminology, Rehabilitation Services

Anthropology plus Environmental Studies
Cultural Resource Management Services, Natural Resource Management, Environmental Planning, Park Services

           Anthropology plus Public Administration
            Public Administration, Social Services Administration