Study Abroad as an Anthropology Major

Anthropology majors and minors at Geneseo are encouraged to participate in study abroad programs. Many programs are available for the undergraduate. The State University of New York system, itself, offers fine programs at various areas throughout the world. Study abroad programs are of varying lengths. Many are for academic years or semesters, while some are summer or vacation programs. On all programs college credit can be earned.

In the past Anthropology students at Geneseo have participated in programs in such places as England, Mexico, China, and Singapore, among others. The study abroad is an excellent way for Anthropology students to gain language and regional skills. Costs, although varying, are often comparable to amounts spent at Geneseo.

Although the Anthropology Department has no specific guidelines regarding study abroad programs, students are urged to plan ahead and discuss the possibilities of a study abroad program with their advisor. Major and minor requirements must be met, as well as all college wide requirements. Credits earned on a study abroad program often may be used to fulfill requirements at Geneseo, but there is a need to plan the program.

The Office of the Dean of the College at Geneseo carries information on study abroad programs. The Office has a list of standard procedures for students wishing to go abroad as well as appropriate forms.

The Anthropology Department also maintains information on Study Abroad Programs and posts opportunities on departmental bulletin boards.

For more information, please visit SUNY Geneseo's study abroad website.

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