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Program Information

Anthropology is an excellent program to introduce students to a variety of fields of study. With its four-field approach, anthropology explores various cultures in the past and present, material remains, human biology, fossils, skeletons, living human populations, and the intricacies of languages and communication.

As a social science, anthropology is broad in scope and encompasses a variety of related fields, including the humanities, sciences, and the arts.

Chair: Paul Pacheco
Professors: Paul Pacheco
Associate Professors: James Aimers, Russell Judkins, Melanie A. Medeirios and Barbara Welker
Assistant Professors: Jennifer Guzmán
Adjunct Lecturer: Gwendolyn Faulkner, Kristi Krumrine, Marie-Lorraine Pipes, and Jewels White
Administrative Assistant: Beverly Rex-Burley
Coordinators: Lingustics-Jennifer Guzmán’
                           Sociomedical-Melanie A. Medeiros

                           Club Advisor-Barbara Welker

Bachelor of Arts Degree

Total credits required to complete major: 36 credits (effective Fall 2017) 
(All courses listed below are 3 credits unless otherwise noted)         

Foundational Learning: 9 credits

ANTH 100 - Introduction to Cultural Anthropology*
ANTH 105 - Introduction to Physical Anthropology
ANTH 316 - Human Ecology 

Choose one of these options:  3 credits
ANTH 110 - Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 120 - Language and Culture

Choose one of these options:   3 credits 
ANTH 208 - Classics of Ethnography
ANTH 229 - Ethnography and Film

Exploratory Learning 15 credits         

In consultation with your adviser, choose any combination of electives at or above the 200 level, at least three of which must be at or above the 300 level. Any ANTH course, 200 level or above, may be used to fulfill an elective, but only if it has not been used to fulfill a different requirement — no double counting allowed.

Transformational Learning 3 credits 
Choose one of these options: 

ANTH 305 - Field Methods and Techniques in Linguistics
ANTH 317 - Human Osteology
ANTH 320 - Archaeology Field School
ANTH 323 - Primate Field School
ANTH 325 - International Fieldwork
ANTH 382 - Ethnographic Field Methods
ANTH 383 - Archaeological Method and Theory
ANTH 395 - Internship in Anthropology
ANTH 399 - Directed Study
ANTH 493 - Honors Research and Writing (Please note that this is a two-semester,  6 credit sequence, which fulfills the transformational learning requirement and one exploratory learning elective if taken for both semesters.)
ANTH 499 - Directed Study

Seminars in Critical Thinking 3 credits            

Choose one of these options:
ANTH 410 - Classical Anthropological Theory
ANTH 421 - Contemporary Anthropological Theory

*Students may petition the department to substitute ANTH 101 for ANTH 100, but only if ANTH 101 is taken before or in the same semester the student declares the major in Anthropology.

Minimum Competence Requirement

A grade of C- or better is required for each of the following courses: All Anthropology  courses used in fulfillment of the major.

Department Writing Requirement

Students will meet the department writing requirement by successfully passing ANTH 316. For information on writing requirements for “double” or “triple” majors, consult the Undergraduate Bulletin under “Multiple Majors” or the Office of the Dean of Curriculum and Academic Services.

Related Minors

For information about minors related to Anthropology, visit the Sociomedical Sciences Minor page and the Linguistics Minor page.