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Anthropology Student Handbook

Welcome to Anthropology

We have prepared a "handbook" to introduce you to the department and its resources.  Please call or email the department and a cd will be sent to you.

The packet includes the following information:

  • Orientation to the Department of Anthropology
  • What is Anthropology?
  • Marketable Skills of Anthropology Majors
  • Where Dreams Meet Reality
  • Faculty Advisor/Student Responsibility
  • BA Anthropology
  • Minimum Competence
  • Anthropology Major Course Sequence
  • Anthropology Major Planning Chart
  • 10 Great Hints for Good Advisement and Academic Success
  • Anthropology Major/Minor and Careers
  • Junior Year Experience: Study Abroad
  • Expanding Your Horizons: Study Abroad, Worldwide Internships, Archaeological Fieldwork
  • Selected Resources in Anthropology
  • College Library Journals
  • Mission and Goals in Anthropology
  • What is Anthropology Club?
  • What is Lambda Alpha?
  • Professional Membership: Cultural Survival
  • Professional Membership: RAS
  • Career Options – Four Sub-fields
  • Preservation Career
  • Planning for a Graduate Degree Program
  • Senior Year Action Steps
  • Recommendation Form
  • Strong Vocabulary Words
  • Cover Letter
  • Resume Guide
  • Networking Cover Letter
  • Graduate School Guidance
  • The Interview
  • Anthropology Major Handbook

Again, welcome to the department. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to consult with any and all of the faculty.

Bailey 153 SUNY  Geneseo, NY 14454 585-245-5277