Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter of Application

123 Fountain Boulevard
Rochester, NY 14611

November 7, 20xx

Mr. Alvin Battle
Executive Director

A Better Way, Inc.
749 Alden Boulevard
White Plains, NY  24774

Dear Mr. Battle:

I am writing in regard to your advertisement for the Intake Assistant position listed in last week’s Democrat and Chronicle.  Having had recent experience in an agency similar to yours, I would like to outline my qualifications for the position.

Over the last thirteen weeks, I have worked as a volunteer at Hillside Children’s Center in Rochester, New York.  My duties have focused on interviewing clients aged 12-16 to determine an appropriate placement in our residential treatment center.  My supervisors at Hillside have uniformly complimented me on my performance, and I would be very pleased to begin my career in the human service field in a similar capacity.

My Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology courses at SUNY Geneseo have also been helpful by providing me with an appreciation and understanding of issues in cultural studies, delinquency, family dynamics and the social welfare system.

Mr. Battle, I am an individual with a great deal of patience, empathy and enthusiasm.  Years ago I made a commitment to use my abilities to assist the less fortunate.  As my college graduation approaches, I am eager to start my career in an environment where I can help to make a difference.  I will call you in the afternoon of November 27 to determine if we can arrange a time for a personal interview.


Jane P. Doe