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Meal Plans

Our declining balance meal plans allow students to eat from any of our restaurants on campus, including all retail locations and "pay-one-price" restaurants. Unlike other campuses, students are not restricted to certain locations or time periods. They can eat where they want when they want. When students make a purchase from any of the dining locations, the total of the purchase is deducted from the meal plan, similar to a debit card.

On-Campus Meal Plans Spring 2021

All students living on campus are required by SUNY Geneseo to purchase a meal plan. First-year students can choose between the Price Lock, Gold and Platinum meal plans. Returning students can choose from the Silver, Gold and Platinum Plans. Off-campus students can choose from any of the plans. Cost listed is per semester.

Spring meal plan costs have been adjusted due to the later start.

Plan Breakdown per semester 2020-2021 Price Lock Plan Platinum Plan Gold Plan Silver Plan
Meal Plan Dollars $1,741 $2,161 $1,875 $1,697
Flex Dollars $200 $300 $300 $225
Overhead Fee $300 $300 $300 $300
Total Cost $2,241 $2,761 $2,475 $2,222

Off-Campus Meal Plans Spring 2021

Off-campus students can choose from any of the plans below, or select one of the on-campus meal plans. Cost listed is per semester.

Plan Breakdown
per semester
Off-Campus Trial Off-Campus Express Plan Off-Campus Basic Plan Off-Campus Premium Plan Off-Campus Supreme Plan
Meal Plan Dollars $100 $200 $250 $350 $500
Flex Dollars $50 $50 $125 $150 $250
Overhead Fee Waived Waived Waived Waived Waived
Total Cost $150 $250 $375 $500 $750

*Potential savings are based on the discounted price for pay-one-price meals, combined with tax savings. The overhead fee is operating expenses deducted from the balance, which is taken in order to maintain discounted pricing at the pay-one-price restaurants. Meal plan dollars can be used in any of the on-campus restaurants and cafes, at the Big Tree Inn, Uncle Vito's Delivery and at sports concessions. Flex dollars can be used anywhere they are accepted, including all campus vending machines.

View Meal Plan Terms & Conditions

Price Lock Plan

Our newest meal plan is the Price Lock Plan. Students who sign up for the Price Lock Plan are able to lock into a consistent meal plan cost for all four years. This plan commits the student to purchase the plan for the full four years, but at a price that will not increase, allowing them to more accurately budget for college expenses. If a student in the Price Lock Meal Plan finds they no longer need or want the plan, they can opt-out of the contract for a $199 withdrawal fee. To sign up for the Price Lock Plan, please fill out our Price Lock Contract and send the completed form as an attachment to, or bring a printed copy of the completed form to the CAS Business Office, located in Blake A 108 (585-245-5648).

Meal Plans Save Money

Meal plan holders receive a savings of over 32% every time they dine in our pay-one-price restaurant on campus. Open every day for dinner as well as for brunch on the weekends. Geneseo meal plans are also tax-exempt, meaning that you do not pay tax at the register, saving you 8% on each purchase. When you combine the tax savings with the pay-one-price discounts, your savings can be tremendous.

It is the responsibility of the student to balance their budget, and we provide tools to assist. The balance of the meal plan is always shown when a purchase is made and can be compared to our Stay on Budget chart showing the ideal balance for that day. Current meal plan balances can be accessed at any time through My Geneseo. 

Meal Plan Roll-Over

Because the meal plans are tax-exempt, they are bound by specific tax laws. As such, meal plans are not refundable and are for the personal, immediate consumption to whom the meal plan is issued. As such, there are restrictions on meal plan rollover. For the rollover to occur, the meal plan must be purchased within two weeks of the 1st day of classes of the Spring semester. 

For platinum, gold, silver, and price lock meal plans, up to $50 of combined unused meal plan dollars may be rolled over from the Fall to Spring semester, into the Spring semester meal plan. 

For our off-campus meal plans, up to $25 of combined unused meal plan dollars may be rolled over from the Fall to Spring semester, into the Spring semester meal plan. 

Meal plans do not roll over from academic year to year, so any money left on the meal plan at the end of the Spring semester is forfeited. Refunds will not be issued.

How to Sign Up

Your meal plan is included on your college tuition bill. When you get your bill, the lowest mandatory meal plan is already preselected as your default plan (Gold for first-year students, Silver for returning students living on campus).  If you would like to upgrade or make a change to your meal plan, please visit the Student Accounts website for instructions, or contact the Student Accounts Office at 585-245-5621, or visit the Student Accounts office. To decrease or remove your meal plan, please contact the CAS Business Office located in Blake A 108 (585-245-5648) for more information.