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Meal Plans

Please use this page as the most up-to-date information on our meal plans. Information updated 5/10/22

Our culinary team creates options that are fresh, healthy, and local. At the same time, our Nutrition and Wellness Manager ensures plenty of options for customers with special diets and dietary restrictions. With the freedom our meal plans offer, you can dine at various restaurants and cafés from 7:30 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. Join us and experience the comfort, convenience, and great food that we have to offer! 

Currently, we offer two on-campus unlimited dining meal plans and five meal plans for off-campus students. All students living on campus are required to have a meal plan; they can choose from any of our three unlimited dining meal plans. See our meal plan options below.

Unlimited Dining

Unlimited dining offers ease and flexibility for every type of student. This unique structure allows students to visit our unlimited dining locations as many times as they please without worrying about budgeting their meal plan throughout the year. Students never have to worry about running out of money each semester. Unlimited dining supports all types of eating habits and dietary restrictions and allows students to sample foods they may not have tried otherwise.

Retail Dining

Retail dollars can be used at any of our retail locations as well as our vending machines. Our retail dining locations work on a declining balance. Participants can dine at any retail location and the value of their selected items will be debited from their retail dollars. Students can add additional retail dollars to their meal plan anytime they wish using the online card office, by contacting our Business Office at 585-245-5648, or visiting our office at Blake-A 108.

On-Campus Meal Plans | Fall 2022

Our on-campus meal plans follow the unlimited dining structure, which offers ease and flexibility for every type of student. We offer three unlimited dining plans for on-campus students. On-campus meal plan participants will have unlimited access to our three unlimited dining locations. The only difference between each plan is the amount of retail dollars participants select. Each unlimited meal plan also comes with six guest passes per semester so that participants can treat a friend, family member, or professor to a meal!

SUNY Geneseo requires all students living on campus to purchase a meal plan. Students may choose from any of the following meal plans. Price listed is per semester.


Retail Dollars

Total Price





$500 $2,835


$250 $2,575

Off-Campus Meal Plans | Fall 2022

Off-campus students may select from one of five off-campus meal plans or select one of the on-campus unlimited dining meal plans. Our off-campus meal plans work as a declining balance, meaning participants can dine at any location, and the value of their selected items will be debited from their retail dollars. Students who have an off-campus meal plan may dine at any one of our unlimited dining locations but will not be granted unlimited access. Each entry to an unlimited dining location will cost $11.50, which will be deducted from the meal plan upon entry.

Off-campus students may choose from any of the meal plans below or select any of our on-campus meal plans. Price listed is per semester.


Total Price

Supreme $750
Premium $500
Basic $375
Express $250
Trial $150

Changes to Your Meal Plan

Your meal plan is automatically included on your college tuition bill for all students living on campus. When you receive your bill, new students will automatically be enrolled in the Knight500 plan, and returning students will automatically be enrolled in the Knight250 plan. Students living off-campus who have previously enrolled in a meal plan will see your meal plan automatically added to your tuition bill.

If you wish to upgrade or make a change to your meal plan, please visit the Student Accounts website for instructions, contact the Student Accounts Office at 585-245-5621, or visit the Student Accounts office at 103 Erwin Hall. Off-campus students wishing to decrease or remove your meal plan may do so within the first two weeks of classes by contacting the CAS Business Office located in Blake-A 108 or calling 585-245-5648.

Meal Plan Rollover

Our meal plans are bound by specific tax laws because they are tax-exempt. Meal plans are not refundable and are for the immediate personal consumption to whom the meal plan is issued. Meal plans do not roll over from year to year; however, retail dollars will roll over from the fall to spring semester. Retail dollars can only roll from the fall to spring semester if you have a meal plan again in the spring semester. Any money left on the plan at the end of the school year is forfeited.

Price Lock Meal Plans

If you are currently enrolled in a price lock meal plan, CAS will honor this plan for the remainder of your time at SUNY Geneseo. Those who wish to switch to an unlimited dining meal plan may do so without paying the withdrawal fee. If you no longer need or want this plan, you can opt out of the contract for a $199 withdrawal fee.

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