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Meal Plans

All students living on campus are required by SUNY Geneseo to purchase a meal plan. First-year students can choose between the Price Lock, Gold and Platinum meal plans. Returning students can choose from the Silver, Gold and Platinum Plans. Off-campus students can choose from any of the plans. Cost listed is per semester.

On-Campus Meal Plans Fall 2020 - Spring 2021
Plan Breakdown Price Lock Plan Platinum Plan Gold Plan Silver Plan
Meal Plan Dollars:  $1,870 $2,325 $2,020 $1,825
Flex Dollars:  $200 $300 $300 $225
Overhead Fee:  $300 $300 $300 $300
Total Cost:  $2,370 $2,925 $2,620 $2,350


Off-Campus Meal Plans Fall 2020 - Spring 2021
Plan Breakdown Off-Campus Trial Off-Campus Express Plan Off-Campus Basic Plan Off-Campus Premium Plan Off-Campus Supreme Plan
Meal Plan Dollars: $100 $200 $250 $350 $500
Flex Dollars:  $50 $50 $125 $150 $250
Overhead Fee:  Waived Waived Waived Waived Waived
Total Cost: $150 $250 $375 $500 $750


Meal plans at SUNY Geneseo are administered by Campus Auxiliary Services (CAS).  For detailed information about meals plans, please visit the CAS Meal Plans webpage.  

How to Add or Change a Meal Plan 

For campus resident students, your meal plan is included on your college tuition bill. When you get your bill, the lowest mandatory meal plan is already pre-selected as your default plan (Gold for first year students, Silver for returning students living on campus). If you would like to upgrade or make a change to your meal plan before the semester begins, you can do so online at your Student Account Center by submitting a Meal Plan Change Request.  

After the semester begins, any meal plan reductions will need to be made in the CAS business office located in Blake A 108 (585-245-5648).  Upgrades and the purchase of new meal plans can still be completed by submitting a Meal Plan Change Request with the Student Accounts Office.    

Student's living off campus, or in the campus Townhouses, can also add a meal plan by submitting a Meal Plan Change Request online at their Student Account Center.     

All meal plans requested before the first day of classes will be active by the first day of class.  After the first day of classes, please allow 1 to 2 business days for the meal plan to be activated.  

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