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Graphic Identity Style Guide

Uniform graphics standards strengthen and reinforce Geneseo’s brand identity. This guide is one of a number of resources developed by the Office of Communications & Marketing to help College departments and constituents present a consistent, high-quality appearance in publications and graphics across a variety of media.

Do you have graphic identity questions? Please contact Brian Bennett, director of strategic initiatives.

Geneseo logo

Logo Enhancement

At the start of the Spring 2019 semester, SUNY Geneseo launched an enhanced version of its logo, adding a distinctive icon to the stylized lettering already in use.

Please see our graphic identity supplement for details on how and where to incorporate the enhanced logo.

The version of the logo without the Sturges icon will continue to be part of the College’s institutional brand identity—so business cards, letterhead and other materials that don't have the enhanced logo are within brand standards and can still be used.


Click the expandable sections below for more information.

  • arrow_drop_down_circle Geneseo Logo Usage

    Geneseo Wordmark

    The Geneseo logo is a wordmark/icon combination that has multiple vertical and horizontal combinations. The icon should not be used by itself, but rather in combination with the wordmark or the wordmark and SUNY identifier.

    Always use artwork files made available by the Office of College Communications & Marketing in preparing publications or graphics which use the Geneseo logo.

    The logo can be arranged in a number of combinations, including horizontal formats, with and without the State University of New York identifier. The Icon should always be placed on the left side of the wordmark.

    Geneseo logo horizontal

    Vertical combinations can also be used with or without the SUNY identifier.

    Geneseo logo horizontal

    For more information on how and where to incorporate the Geneseo logo, please see our graphic identity supplement.

  • arrow_drop_down_circle Department Sub-Branding

    Office, department or division names can be combined with the wordmark and icon in the arrangements below. Departments should submit a Job Request Form to the Office of Communications & Marketing to request sub-branding imagery.


  • arrow_drop_down_circle Other College Identity Marks

    College Seal

    The official seal of Geneseo is reserved for special communications such as degree certificates or diplomas, presidential usage, select publications and official College documents. It is not interchangeable with the Geneseo wordmark and is not intended to be used on general College communications or in contexts that are best served by the wordmark. The seal may not be used as a graphic element without permission from the Office of Communications and Marketing and is not available for download.

    Geneseo logo

    Geneseo Knight

    The Geneseo Knight athletic logo represents the College's intercollegiate athletic teams and cannot be used without the permission of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation and/or the Office of Communications and Marketing.

    Knights logo

  • arrow_drop_down_circle Official College Fonts

    Neutraface font in its various weights and forms is the primary sans serif font for use in college materials. Kepler is the primary serif font.

    primary fonts

    Avenir is an acceptable substitute for Neutraface in caption use and copy using numbers. BlackJack is a script font used for highlighting purposes in Admissions’ publications.

    secondary fonts

  • arrow_drop_down_circle College Stationery

    Templates for letterhead, envelopes and business cards are used to place orders in our online stationery storefront. Information on process, prices, options and quantities for ordering College stationery are available on the purchasing website.

    An electronic version (Microsoft Word format) of the general College letterhead is available for download. The letterhead artwork is embedded in the document's header section, so while it will be shaded on your computer screen, it will appear full color in printing or creation of a PDF.


  • arrow_drop_down_circle Email Signatures

    SUNY Geneseo logos to be used for email signatures are below. Click an image to download it as a JPEG.

    Geneseo Logo

    email signature logo 1

    Geneseo Logo + Horizontal Rule

    email logo 2

    Geneseo Logo + Horizontal Rule + Tagline

    email logo 3