Photography Guidelines

Photography plays an important role in telling our story and serving as a tool for historical documentation.


Portraits of individuals should convey authentic personality without an overly staged feel. There are two basic styles of portraits — environmental and studio.

Environmental portraits place the subject within a space that is relevant to the story. When shooting an environmental portrait, make sure there is adequate lighting (natural or artificial) and that enough of the environment is showing without being too distracting from the subject.

Jeff Clarke

Rahama Wright

Studio portraiture is much more controlled. Studio portraiture isolates the subject without distracting elements in the background. Compose portraits with the head and shoulders filling the frame. The face should be evenly lit. Use a clean, neutral color backdrop. 

Geneseo student

Geneseo faculty member

Geneseo student portrait example


The beauty of Geneseo’s campus should translate to still photographs in a way that elicits an emotional response. Geneseo’s iconic buildings and landmarks are some of our most valuable assets in connecting. Photos should be compositionally well balanced, and showcase the most attractive landmarks and green spaces. 

Sturges Hall autumn leaves

Welles Hall winter snow

Geneseo clock spring flowers

Geneseo campus sunset

Slice of Life

Found or posed photographs of people in the classroom or around campus. Photo groupings should be well balanced, with the main subject’s facial features fully showing, in bright and engaging environments and should include a broad range of students.

student dancers

college union

student reading

biology students

first knight volunteer

fireworks at Geneseo


photo with embedded unreadable textDo not place text over people.

stock photo of graduatesDo not use stock photography that incorporates elements that are inconsistent with Geneseo.

image stretched vertically

image stretched horizontally

Sturges Hall

Don't stretch or distort images.

pixelated image

Never use low resolution or pixelated images.

oil painting filter

Do not use artistic filters on photos.

out of focus

Never use soft or out of focus images.