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Photo Name Expertise Department Edit Listing
Picture of Sarah Brookes Sarah Brookes Media Effects, Binge Watching Communication
Karen Dickerson Communication
Portrait of Glenn Geiser-Getz Glenn Geiser-Getz Communication
Picture of Peter Granger Peter W. Granger, Ed.D. Communication
Picture of Meredith Marko Harrigan, Ph.D. Meredith Harrigan Family Communication , Interpersonal Communication , Discourse dependent families, Work-Family Interface, Third Party Reproduction Communication, Linguistics
Picture of Andrew Herman Andrew Herman Interpersonal Communication , Professional Communication Communication
Advisor Andrew Herman Communication
Advisor Matthew Johnson Communication
Sherry Larson-Rhodes Sherry Larson-Rhodes, First Year Experience Librarian, INTD 105 Coordinator Communication, Geography, Languages and Literature, INTD 105 Fraser Hall Library, Global Languages and Cultures, Communication
Ming Lei Communication
Portrait of Noreen Mazurowski Noreen Mazurowski Communication
Mary L. Mohan Communication
Lee Pierce Lee M. Pierce (they/she) rhetorical theory and criticism, public speaking, self-talk and intrapersonal communication, visual rhetoric and communication, media and culture, political culture, scholarship of teaching and learning, Critical Public Address, critical cultural studies, critical humanities, writing and composition, podcasting, critical race theory Communication
Portrait of Michael Saffran Michael Saffran Mass media audiences, policy and regulation, Media convergence, Media ownership consolidation, Radio broadcasting, production and programming, Student media/college radio Communication
Picture of Alyxandra Sherwood, M.S. Alyxandra Sherwood Communication
Atsushi Tajima Mass media, media effect, gender, race and ethnicity, global communication, journalism Communication