Accessing Counseling Services Appointments

To Schedule a FIRST Appointment for the Current Academic Year

Students can request a counseling appointment via a short form on the student health portal at This form can be accessed 24/7; forms are reviewed during business hours when classes are in session. For more details about the services we provide, review Our Services.


NOTE: There is a $25 no-show fee for all missed appointments within the Student Health and Counseling department. When a student misses a scheduled appointment without canceling in advance (at least 2 hours notice), a fee of $25 will be charged to their student account.

Appointments can be canceled by logging into the student health portal at (available 24/7) or by calling 585-245-5716.

Review additional details about our Cancellation and No Show Policy.

Request a Counseling Appointment (new, returning from prior academic year, and AOD)

All students seeking counseling for the current academic year must complete a Counseling Services Appointment Request Form; this includes returning students who may have already contacted their counselor to schedule. Instructions for doing this are described below.

  • Go to
  • Login in with your full Geneseo email and password.
  • Enter your DOB: MMDDYYYY then click Proceed.
  • Under the: I would like to header... click the blue "Schedule An Appointment" button.
  • From the next screen, click on the "Schedule an Appointment" button.
  • Select Counseling Services then click "Continue."
  • You will choose between:
    •  Intake/Returning Appointment - initial session to explore the need for short-term counseling (includes returning students)
    • Triage/Walk-In - appointment for students experiencing emerging/urgent personal challenges that require more immediate attention from a counselor
  • For Intake/Returning Appointments: you will be taken to the Counseling Services Request form, which will appear under the heading "Compose New Secure Message".  
    • Complete ALL items and click "Send" at the bottom of form. (Note: you will NOT be able to submit the form if you have not completed all required questions.)
    • Once you submit your request, we will do our best to contact you within 24-48 hours. Please be sure to answer calls from our 585 number and to check your Geneseo email for notifications of secure messages from Student Health & Counseling. 
    • All requests are sent as a secure message to the Director of Counseling Services.
    • If it has been more than 3 business days since submitting your request, send a secure message within the health portal to the Director of Counseling Services or call our office at 585-245-5716.
  • For Triage Walk-In Appointments: you will be taken to a page with instructions on accessing walk-in appointments.

For any questions about any of the above procedures, contact Jaime Castillo, Director of Counseling Services or call our office at 585-245-5716.

Check-In for an In-Person Counseling Appointment in the Lauderdale Health Center Building

All counseling appointments (with the exception of AOD) are held in the Lauderdale Health Center.

  • Please plan to arrive for your Intake appointment 10-15 minutes early, as you will have several required surveys to complete prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • When you arrive at the Lauderdale Health building (bottom of University Drive hill, across from Steuben), enter the main doors.
  • Go to your left to check in on one of the iPads.
    • First counseling appointment for the academic year: you will be asked to acknowledge our consent for treatment form and to complete three additional required surveys.
    • Not your first counseling appointment during the current academic year: you will have one required survey (CCAPS-34) to complete each time you check-in.
  • Once you have checked in, take a seat in the first floor waiting room. 
  • Your counselor will come to get you. Be sure to remove any earbuds so that you can hear your name being called.
  • Reminder: DO NOT come into the office if you are experiencing symptoms of illness, such as the following: new or worsening cough, congestion, or runny nose (not due to allergies) - sore throat - severe headache - fever greater than 100* - chills - body aches or muscle pain - shortness of breath - loss of smell or taste
    If you are experiencing any of the above, please STAY HOME to take care of yourself and your symptoms. Send your counselor a message via to reschedule your appointment.

Check-In for a Scheduled Telethealth Zoom Appointment

Telethealth appointments are provided through the secure Zoom Health platform. Student interactions with Zoom Health take place via our secure student health portal, My Health,

Be sure that you are in a private location with no one else present. If you require assistance in obtaining a private space, If you require assistance in obtaining a private location, there are some spaces in Lauderdale available for use; call our office at 585-245-5716 and ask to speak with our Administrative Assistant, Amy Gonzalez.

To access your Zoom appointment:

  • Sign it at
  • Click on "Appointment Check-In." If you have not already done so, you will be asked to acknowledge the Counseling Services Consent for Treatment before proceeding. Read the form, click the box to indicate that you acknowledge and accept, and click "Continue."
  • From the screen that says "Appointment: Check-In," confirm your location by selecting "New York" and clicking "Okay." (Note: You MUST be within New York state to receive telehealth services.) 
  • You will be taken back to the screen that shows your appointment.  Before you can start your session, you will need to complete any required Surveys or Questionnaires and then click "Done."
  • Look for the button that says "Join Meeting" to access your Zoom appointment. You must already have Zoom enabled on your device and be signed in.
  • Zoom links are created the day of the appointment. Given this, you may see a message that states "The Zoom link is not yet available. Check back closer to the appointment time or click the Refresh button above. This page will also automatically refresh every 30 seconds. When the Zoom link is available, a Join Meeting link will be available here." Continue to refresh or send a secure message to your counselor if the Zoom link does not appear.

If you continue to experience technical issues, please contact the Student Health and Counseling IT Specialist, Susan Palmer, at 585-245-6453.

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