Student Health Fee

Most services at Student Health and Counseling are covered by your Student Health Fee. This fee is part of the "Comprehensive Fee" paid by all registered students each semester (see Fall/Spring Tuition and Fees). Private health insurance is required only for student-athletes and international, exchange, or study-abroad students coming from outside of the United States. See below for details.

What Your Student Health Fee Covers

Health Services:

  • examinations 
  • diagnosis and treatment
  • testing
  • medications provided as part of your care
  • physicals related to SUNY Geneseo classes, sports, study abroad, and GFR
  • flu vaccines

 Counseling Services:

  • initial assessment
  • individual and group therapy 
  • urgent care/walk-in services
  • consultation and outreach programs
  • access to psychiatric treatment

Addictions Counseling & Prevention:

  • initial assessment, including mandated assessments
  • individual and group therapy
  • Narcan training, Safe Party, and other programming

Health Promotion:

  • outreach programming
What is NOT Covered by Your Health Fee (Student Charges)

These are some common charges that are not covered

  • Missed appointment/no-show fees (charged for each visit)
  • Splints provided during a health visit:
  • PPD Skin Test
  • Sickle Cell Test 
  • TDAP Immunization
  • Physicals that are not related to SUNY Geneseo (as described above)

Any and all fees associated with associated with services outside of our department, including the following:

  • costs or copayments of prescriptions sent to a pharmacy
  • referrals to visit specialists
  • referrals to have X-rays taken
  • referrals to physical or occupational therapy 
  • ambulance transports
  • costs accrued at emergency visits to hospitals or urgent care centers
How to Pay For Student Charges

All fees billed to your student account, for labs or other services, are to be paid directly to Student Accounts. To protect your privacy, all charges from Student Health and Counseling will appear on your student account as a general "Health Services Charge."  

Fees for Intersession/Summer Session

Students registered for classes during the intersession or summer sessions are automatically required to pay the student health fee as part of their tuition.  Students seeking care from Student Health and Counseling between semesters, but not registered for classes, will be charged a one-time fee of $25.

Private Health Insurance

Most services with Student Health & Counseling are covered by your student health fee as described above. SUNY Geneseo does NOT offer a private health insurance plan for students. Most students are not required to obtain private insurance; exceptions are described below.

  • Student-Athletes
    Student-athletes are required to have active health insurance. Go to the Student-Athlete Medical Forms page and select Student-Athlete Insurance Information to learn more.
  • International, Exchange, or Study Abroad Students
    International, exchange, or study abroad students coming to the United States should contact the Campus Community Resource Nurse, Laura Evans, at regarding health insurance. 

If desired, you can obtain private health insurance from New York State's Health Plan Marketplace. Use this website to browse, compare, and enroll in health insurance plans. Note that you may qualify for financial assistance to reduce your costs. If you need assistance obtaining health insurance or have questions, you can call the local Health Insurance Navigator Cindy Wagner at 538-328-5190, ext. 7562 or email Cindy at