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Public Access Defibrillation


PAD Locations

Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) are currently accessible in the following campus buildings:

Building Location
Allegany lobby by RA office
Allegany 3rd Floor C Quad Stairs
Bailey Lobby
Bailey 2nt Floor 203 HW
Blake A Lobby after stairs to the right
Blake B lobby by rm 119
Brodie Alice Austin Lobby
Brodie left door main entry by the sculpture garden
Clark A main hallway
Clark B Hall near breakroom
College Union-MacVittie outside ballroom
Doty Room 200
Doty 3rd Floor Across Room 309 / Adjacent to 325
E-Garden Main room across from the garage door
Erie lobby by RA office
Erie 3rd Floor C Quad Stairs
Erwin main lobby
Fraser Main lobby, first floor
Genesee lobby by RA office
Genesee 3rd Floor C Quad Stairs
GFR "unit 1" (UP car) GFR checks AED
Greene by the hallway to ISC ( Floor 1 )
Heating Plant by MSDS station
ISC East hall off Atrium
ISC #2 3rd FLR: left of the elevator
Jones Lobby by RD office
jones2nd floor 225 HW
Lauderdale Hallway inside
Letchworth Dining Hall Main Entrance by Elevator
Livingston lobby by RD office
Livingston 3rd Floor 325 HW
Mary Jemison Dining Hall lower level by cashiers
Merritt 2nd-floor pool/gym entrance
Merritt pool deck
Merritt training Room, unit 2, Room 137
Merritt bottom floor
Merritt End of the hall by the pool area
Merritt Schrader main gym training Room, unit 4. girls locker room 
Merritt Schrader main gym training Room, unit 3. girls locker room
Milne library Under construction
Milne library #2 Under Construction
Monroe 1st floor lobby directly in front of the main entrance
Monroe 3rd floor area near elevator
Nassau lobby by lounge
Nassau 3rd Floor Lounge
Newton upper main entrance outside 201
Niagara lobby near newspapers
Niagara 3rd Floor 435 Stairs
Onondaga lobby by RA office
Onondaga Health Center
Onondaga North Stairs off central Onondaga-3rd floor
Onondaga South Stairs off central Onondaga
Ontario Lobby by RA office
Ontario 3rd Floor C Quad Stairs
Putnam Main lobby
Putnam 3rd Floor L300 HW
Red Jacket Dining Hall Main Lobby near the elevator
Saratoga Commons main lobby
Schrader by Res Life near gym 106
Schrader by UP outside room 32
Seneca lobby by RA office
Seneca 3rd Floor Stairs by 300
South Hall, ground floor, Park St. entrance
Stadium south Medical room
Stadium Press Box Stadium Press Box
Steuben Back lobby
Steuben 4th floor 3rd Floor Stairs by Lounge
Sturges Main lobby facing the door
Suffolk lobby by lounge
Suffolk 3rd Floor Lounge
Wayne lobby near staircase
Wayne 3rd Floor Hallway by stairs
Welles lobby by stairs
Wyoming lobby by RA office
Wyoming 3rd Floor C Quad Stairs

Other AED units are utilized by University Police and Geneseo First Response.

PAD Training

All individuals that volunteer for training will be certified in the Heartsaver Course through the American Heart Association. Instructors also may train groups in Basic Life Support. These courses are done upon request.

Upcoming Training Dates

Training dates are continuously being offered. Check back soon for specific training dates and times.

More information

For more information about Geneseo's PAD/CPR training program contact Environmental Health and Safety at 585-245-5512.

For more information about public access defibrillation at Geneseo contact Stephen Radi,