Student Health and Counseling Privacy Policies

Explanation of Privacy Policies

The Department of Student Health and Counseling strictly protects the privacy of information related to your personal health information (PHI) and any care you receive from Student Health and Counseling. In order to provide the best treatment to our students, we may use your PHI: 1) to provide treatment, including consultation between Student Health and Counseling staff about relevant information, and 2) to obtain payment, which may include charges to your student account. Documentation related to any services you receive at Student Health and Counseling does not become part of your academic or other College records.

Prior to any treatment at Student Health and Counseling, each client is asked to read and sign a standardized consent to treatment form explaining both their rights and the organization's responsibilities in regard to privacy. Student Health and Counseling's confidentiality policy is in accordance with state and federal regulations.

For more information, including the legally mandated exceptions to confidentiality review our full Explanation of Privacy Policies & Consent for Treatment.

If you would like to release your Student Health and Counseling records to another provider, you will need to complete and sign a release form granting us authorization to release information. If you have any questions about completing this form, please contact Health Services at 585-245-5736 or Counseling Services at 585-245-5716.

Authorization to Release Information

Questions and Feedback

If you have a specific question, call the appropriate area at the number above or email You may also email our Executive Director, Karen Mach. To provide anonymous feedback to our Executive Director, please complete our Feedback Form. For website errors/corrections, send a message to the Student Health and Counseling Webmaster.