Appointment Policies & Transactions Toolkit

Welcome to the Appointment Toolkit from the Office of Human Resources & Payroll Services. These guidelines and resources have been put together to assist employees with recommending appointments using our forms and policies. This section will provide a reference guide to facilitate the proper and timely preparation and execution of personnel actions. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Stacy Colt
Appointment & Compensation Manager

Geneseo Employee Recommendation (GER) Toolkit

Sample Geneseo Employee Recommendations

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Budget Title and Salary Level are synonymous. For example, the budget title of Staff Assistant will always have a salary level of SL2; we cannot change the salary level of the budget title Staff Assistant to SL3, this would require a change in budget title to change salary level. Local title can be different than a budget title to more aesthetically reflect the duties of the position. When an appropriate budget title exists and accurately reflects the duties of a position, we should use the budget title.