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Separation from Service

Letter of Intent to Resign or Retire

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Separation from Service Policy
Separation Sign-off Form

Employees separating from service at SUNY Geneseo should write a letter of resignation or retirement informing the College of their last day of work and their intended beginning-of-business date of resignation/retirement. (Employees who are on a temporary appointment that has ended are exempt from writing this letter unless the temporary appointment is ending earlier than the original end date. In this case, a letter will then be required.) 

Employees who are retiring should use the Intent to Retire Form letter found at: HR Forms

For classified service employees, we kindly request that Human Resources receive this letter at least 2 weeks prior to the date of separation. This letter should be addressed to the AVP of Human Resources (Julie Briggs) and copied to your immediate supervisor and vice president. The letter should be given to your immediate supervisor to route and complete additional forms.

For unclassified service employees (professional and faculty), this letter should be received by Human Resources at least 30 days prior to the date of separation. This letter should be addressed to our College President (Denise A. Battles) and copied to your immediate supervisor, cabinet-level administrator, and human resources. The letter should be given to your immediate supervisor to route and complete forms. 


For those employees who are retiring from SUNY Geneseo, please contact Human Resources to schedule a pre-retirement informational meeting.  To access pre-retirement planning information and resources, CLICK HERE.

Separation from Service 

All employees separating from service need to work with their immediate supervisor and complete the Separation Sign-off form. This form is a checklist that helps you determine if you need to return any College property, pay any outstanding fines, turn off building card access, and/or complete final timesheets PRIOR to your last day of work. 

Benefits and Separation from Service


If you are enrolled in the New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP), the General Information Book (GIB) contains lots of information concerning life changes and separation. To access the GIB, CLICK HERE

When employees separate from SUNY Geneseo, your health insurance, prescription drug coverage, dental insurance, and vision insurance generally end 28 days after your date of separation. NOTE: For employees who are retiring and are UUP, your dental and vision benefits will continue through the month in which you retire and an additional month post-retirement.  For Pre-Retirement Planning, visit

If you or your dependent is no longer eligible for NYSHIP coverage, coverage may be continued under COBRA in certain cases. The NYS Employee Benefits Division (EBD) will send you a letter and opportunity to apply post-separation of service. Please see "COBRA: Continuation of Coverage" on page 27 of the GIB for more information. Dental and Vision COBRA options will also be mailed to you from either NYS EBD or from your Union Benefits Trust Fund based on your negotiating unit and where you receive these benefits from. Enrolling in COBRA is optional.


SUNY ORP - SUNY Optional Retirement System (TIAA, Fidelity, Valic, Voya) - Contact your investment provider for information on leaving state service, withdrawal/rollover options and any subsequent tax implications. Authorized investment providers and contact information can be accessed at Additional information can also be found on the SUNY ORP website.

NYSLRS - Employees Retirement System
NYSLRS publication entitled "Life Changes: What if I Leave Public Employment?" is an excellent source of information and steps to take post-separation. To access this publication, CLICK HERE.

NYS TRS - Teachers' Retirement System
NYSTRS Participants should consult their active member handbook about leaving state service, vested status, and withdrawal options. To access the active member handbook, CLICK HERE. For information on vested status and withdrawal options, CLICK HERE

Accruals - Vacation Pay-out

SUNY Geneseo can payout up to 30 days of vacation that you may have at the time of separation. Our payroll office must wait two pay periods after the date of separation due to the Office of the State Comptroller rules. This payment can be delayed if an employee's Separation Sign-off Form  has not been completed and timesheets haven't been turned in. Employees who transfer to another state agency can transfer their accruals to the new agency. NOTE: Accrued holiday leave, sick leave and compensatory time cannot be paid out.

Exit Interview

Employees will have an opportunity to have an exit interview.  The exit interview is conducted by a neutral third party organization using a confidential telephone survey process.  Employees who have communicated an upcoming separation will be contacted by the Rochester Chamber of Commerce Staffing Division (RCC) prior to his/her last day of work.  The interview should last approximately 15 - 20 minutes in duration.  The telephone interview should be conducted in a private location, such as the employee's private office, a conference room, or an employee can schedule the telephone interview to be conducted in a private office in Human Resources.