Championship Pictures: 2008

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Broomball Champions Women
Fall 2008 (Women) - Team Awesome
Broomball Champions
Broomball Men's Champions
Fall 2008 (Men) - Stillskin
Broomball Champions
Co-ed Broomball Champions
Fall 2008 (Co-ed Comp.) - TFIG's
Broomball Champions
 Co-ed Broomball Champs Co-ed 1
Fall 2008 (Co-ed Rec.) - Off All Day
Broomball CHampions
 Broomball Champions Co-ed Div. 2
Fall 2008 (Co-ed Rec.) - Krista's Finger
Broomball Champions

Arena Football Champions Men
Fall 2008 (Men) - Schlagen
Arena Football Champions
Arena Football Champions Co-ed
Fall 2008 (Co-ed) - The Colts
Arean Football Champions

Dodgeball Champions Men
Fall 2008 (Men) - Mangey Bates
Dodgeball Champions
Dodgeball Champions Co-ed
Fall 2008 (Co-ed) - RB Curtains
Dodgeball Champions
Floor Hockey Champions Men
Fall 2008 (Men) - FC Stillskin
Floor Hockey Champions
Floor Hockey Champions Co-ed
Fall 2008 (Co-ed) - Team Awesome
Floor Hockey Champions
men football
Fall 2008 (Men) - White Zinfadel
Flag Football Champions
 co-ed football
Fall 2008 (Co-ed) - 4th Times a Charm
Flag Football Champions
 co-ed 1 volleyball
Fall 2008 (Co-ed) - VIVA
(Division 1) Volleyball Champions
 co-ed 2 volleyball
Fall 2008 (Co-ed) - Ago / Hockey
(Division 2) Volleyball Champions
 men soccer
Fall 2008 (Men) - Brandon the Mooch
Outdoor Soccer Champions
 Co-ed Soccer
Fall 2008 (Co-ed) - Mr. Carter
Outdoor Soccer Champions
 co-ed badminton
Fall 2008 (Co-ed) - Blue Barracudas
Badminton Champions
 doubles women badminton
Fall 2008 (Women Double) - RMK
Badminton Champions
 men double badminton
Fall 2008 (Men Double) - Brittaniel
Badminton Champions
 Badminton men
Fall 2008 (Men Single) - Kwan
Badminton Champions
 Spring 08 Softball Men Champs
Spring 2008 (Men) - Hockey "A" Squad
Softball Champions
 Spring 08 Softball Co-ed Champs
Spring 2008 (Co-ed) - Paisani
Softball Champions
 Spring 08 Soccer Men Champs
Spring 2008 (Men) - Team America
Indoor Soccer Champions
Spring 08 Soccer Co-ed Champs
Spring 2008 (Co-ed) - Slip and Slide All - Stars
Indoor Soccer Champions
Spring 08 Kickball Men Champs
Spring 2008 (Men) - MOB
Kickball Champions
Spring 08 Kickball Co-ed Champs
Spring 2008 (Co-ed) - Skateboard and Funnel
Kickball Champions
 Men Broomball Champs
Winter 2008 (Men) - FC Merly
Broomball Champions
 Co-ed Comp. Broomball Champs
Winter 2008 (Co-ed Comp.) - TFIG's
Broomball Champions
 Co-ed Rec. Broomball Champs Div. 1
Winter 2008 (Co-ed Rec.) - Off All Day
Broomball Champions
 Co-ed Rec. Broomball Champs Div. 2
Winter 2008 (Co-ed Rec.) - Amateur Crocs
(Division 2) Broomball Champions
 Women Broomball Champs
Winter 2008 (Women) - Team Brodie
Broomball Champions
 Men. Rec. Basketball Champs
Winter 2008 (Men's Rec.) - The Scrubs
Basketball Champions
 Co-ed Basketball Champs
Winter 2008 (Co-ed) - Haribo
Basketball Champions
 Men Comp. Basketball Champs
Winter 2008 (Men's Comp.) - Seil's Squad
Basketball Champions
Men Volleyball Champs
Winter 2008 (Men) - Ball Bustas
Volleyball Champions
Women Volleyball Champs
Winter 2008 (Women) - Aopi
Volleyball Champs