Center for Languages and Cultures (CLC)

 Center for Languages and Cultures (CLC)

Location: Welles 2

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Center for Languages and Cultures Mission Statement

  • To provide a place where the Geneseo community (faculty, staff, students, village residents) may gather to learn about languages and cultures from around the world.

  • To establish a cross-cultural bridge between communities to develop empathy for other cultures, to understand the past and the present in order to create a better future.

Opportunities Available in the Center

  • Support services for students studying languages other than English

  • Academic and social activities that develop cultural awareness and improve oral and/or aural proficiency

  • Research and service learning related to the Languages and Literatures Department to ensure cutting edge curriculum and professional development.

Tutoring Service

Schedule for free tutoring available at the Center for Languages and Cultures (CLC).


Beth Adams

Prof. Beth Adams

(585) 245-6339

Rocio Vallejo-Alegre

Prof. Rocio Vallejo-Alegre

(585) 245-6339

Elizabeth McManus

Prof. Elizabeth McManus

(585) 245-6395