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McNair Scholars' Program Application Preview


To fill out an application right now, visit Application for McNair Scholar Program. Applications are due on Friday, April 1, 2022. Recommendation letters are due Tuesday, April 5, 2022. Part 1: Personal

Part 1: Personal

Full Name


Local Address

Local or Cell Number

Permanent Address

Country of Permanent Residence

Are you a U.S. Citizen?

If necessary: can you provide documentation of U.S. residency?

Participation in Academic Programs

Co-Curricular and Campus Activities

Part 2: Required Personal Eligibility

Status (full time, low-income, first generation, and/or underrepresented, and US citizen or permanent resident)

Part 3: Statement of Purpose

In 250-300 words, please discuss both your academic and career goals.  Indicate how your participation in the McNair Program will help you achieve those goals.   In 250-300 words, please discuss an area of research that you would like to pursue.  Tell us what you know about it and how you hope to contribute to it.   In 200 words or less, please tell us something interesting about yourself that we cannot know from your official transcript.   Optional:  Please discuss extenuating circumstances that may have affected your academic achievements

Part 4: Academic Required Eligibility

Certification of full time and 3.0 GPA


Overall GPA

Intended Graduation Date

Did you transfer from another college?

If yes, where?

Part 5: Recommendations

Accepted online at: Recommendation Form for McNair Scholar

Reference 1: Name, Department, Email Address

Reference 2: Name, Department, Email Address

Reference 3: Name, Department, Email Address

Part 6: Demographic Information