Comprehensive & Individualized Transition to College WIG (Wildly Important Goal)

Introduction to WIG

It all began when Provost Robertson read a book - The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals - and then invited many of her direct reports to read the book. The book concepts in a nutshell are to

  • Focus on the Wildly Important - prioritize above the "whirlwind"
  • Act on Lead Measures - the most high-impact things that will help reach the goal
  • Keep a Compelling Scoreboard - people play differently when they are keeping score
  • Create a Cadence of Accountability - hold regular and frequent short meetings

The Provost and the newly formed team then met in December 2017 to choose a Wildly Important Goal (WIG) that would be beneficial to the College. The WIG they chose was to increase the first-year first-time-to-college student to second-year student retention rate from 86% to 88% by October 2019

The WIG Team then expanded to include others outside Academic Affairs, and, in 2020, morphed the Wildly Important Goal to focus on three areas to ensure that every student has a comprehensive and individualized transition to college. Collaborating across the divisions of the college ensures a more holistic approach to reflecting on and responding to what is going on in our community. The WIG Team keeps growth and equity mindsets central to their work. In the midst of the constant whirlwind of the term members' individual work lives, they conscientiously focus on their unified purpose. 

Ensure a comprehensive and individualized transition to college for every student

WIG Lead Measures

  1. the comprehensive new student experience
  2. the coordination of care through EAB Navigate
  3. the solving of obstacles


Comprehensive FYE
  • Mapped onboarding process
  • Established New Student Connections and Success initiative
  • Student Involvement Mentors planned role at orientation
  • Fall model of orientation but still prepare and engage students over the summer
  • First Year Seminar program
  • Nature and rejuvenation
    • wellness walks
    • rejuvenation focus
Coordination of Care
  • Established Geneseo Points of Support (GPS)
    • Guides trained
    • Web presence
    • Developed process for matching students with GPS guides
  • Expanded use of EAB Navigate
    • Trained and encouraged faculty to provide student feedback for intentional interventions
  • Foregrounded wellbeing within conversations about student success
Solving Obstacles
  • Increased options available to students through intersession; increased interest and confidence in teaching online
  • Addressed Curricular structures - encouraging movement on CDWG; overarching focus on ease of navigation and access
  • Offered wide range of professional development to prepare faculty to teach remotely (about 30 different programs over the summer attended by 77t faculty/staff/community members)
  • Reduced bureaucratic obstacles that slow student progress or limit access

WIG Team Members

  • Anne Baldwin, Director of Sponsored Research
  • Melanie Blood, Interim Associate Provost for Assessment and Curriculum
  • Tiffany Brodner, Associate Director of Residence Life
  • Sue Chichester, Chief Information Officer & Director of CIT
  • Joe Cope, Interim Associate Provost for Student Success
  • Celia Easton, Dean of Academic Planning and Advisement
  • Sarah Frank, Director of Residence Life
  • Tracy Gagnier, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
  • Ronna Gillam, Director of Campus Relations
  • Corey Ha, Interim Milne Library Director
  • Enrico Johnson, Assistant Provost for Finance and Facilities
  • Jessie Lombardo, Director of Career Services
  • Carol Marcy, Senior Advancement Writer
  • Chip Matthews, Director of Student Life
  • Kathy McIntyre, Senior Assistant to the Provost 
  • David Parfitt, Director of Teaching & Learning Center
  • Chris Popovici, Head Track & Field Coach
  • Julie Rao, Director of Institutional Research
  • Meg Reitz, Associate Director of Residence Life for Educational Initiatives
  • Stacey Robertson, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Paul Schacht, Professor of English and Assistant to the Provost for Digital Learning and Scholarship
  • Ashley Scott, Admissions Counselor
  • Keely Soltow, Registrar
  • Megan Syfrett, Principal Administrator of Student Health & Counseling
  • Laura Swanson, Staff Counselor
  • Keith Walters, Director of Multi Media

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