A Geneseo Education for a Connected World

A Geneseo Education for a Connected World provides a framework of learning outcomes to building and assess a holistic student experience at Geneseo. It was developed by the Curricular Design Working Group and it fulfills the earlier GLOBE, Geneseo Learning Outcomes for a Baccalaureate Education.


A Geneseo education affords perspectives and skills to engage the complexities and possibilities of a globally connected world. Students encounter broad areas of knowledge, become specialists in a particular discipline, develop habits of critical inquiry and civic participation, reflect on their learning, and reach beyond themselves by exploring the diversity of human experiences, cultures, and viewpoints. In addition to meeting SUNY's General Education requirements, our program aligns with Geneseo's Learning Outcomes for Baccalaureate Education (GLOBE), our Mission, Vision and Values, our Community Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and our commitment to being an antiracist college. 

Specialized Knowledge: The Major

Major programs prepare students for life-long success by taking them deep into a discipline's domain of knowledge and methods; cultivating skills in ​​Critical Thinking​​, ​​Informational & Digital Literacy​​, and discipline-specific practices of ​​Written and Oral Communication​ and ​​Leadership & Collaboration;​ and, in many cases, putting knowledge into action by engaging with real-world issues via ​​Integrative and Applied Learning​​ experiences.

Broad Knowledge, Intellectual and Practical Skills

To participate in the social, political, and ethical dimensions of society, and to work toward a more just, equitable, and sustainable world, students need broad knowledge and a set of common skills. (see details below)

Integrative and Applied Learning

Geneseo has an institutional commitment to both transformational learning experiences and a rich co-curricular life. Integrative learning fosters the ability to connect and combine knowledge and skills acquired through the curriculum and co-curriculum to new, complex situations within and beyond the college. This approach allows students to reflect on the ways that such knowledge is utilized and places them on a fast track for continuing success (see details below)

Program Outline



General Education Curriculum


Liberal Arts and Sciences Major or Professional Program

(In some majors, related requirements with different department prefixes may overlap with general education requirements; see details under departmental listings)

30 or more

Integrative and Applied Learning

0 or more

Electives: selected under advisement

(may include minors, second majors, microcredentials, certification programs, and free electives)




Total Degree Program:

120 credits minimum

See details of GLOBE based learning outcomes for majors, general education, and integrative and applied learning in the new curriculum.

The SUNY Geneseo College Senate adopted A Geneseo Education for a Connected World on May 10, 2021. Bulletin 65.10 pp 348-361.

Senate adopted the following resolution at its meeting of 1 March 2016: "The Geneseo College Senate supports the Geneseo Learning Outcomes for Baccalaureate Education, as printed in College Senate Bulletin v60 n6, as a framework for the redesign of the student experience at Geneseo, encompassing general education, academic majors, development of skills, and integrative and applied learning." (Bulletin 60.12, p. 166.)

You can read the entire document, including the preamble, in Bulletin 60.6, pp. 67-72, the outcomes, or read the outcomes below.