Sabbatical and Other Leaves

This page lists those faculty who were granted either a Sabbatical Leave or a Fulbright Scholar Leave during the current academic year.

Sabbatical Leave

The objective of a sabbatical leave is to increase the faculty member's value to the College and thereby improve and enrich its programs. Sabbatical leaves are for the purposes of planned travel, study, formal education, research, writing, or other experience of professional value; they are not regarded as a reward for service nor as a vacation or rest period occurring automatically at stated intervals.

The following faculty have been granted a sabbatical leave during the 2022-23 academic year.

Spring 2023

  • Aaron Heap, Mathematics, Space-Efficient Knot Mosaics (and More)
  • David Levy, Philosophy, Socratic and Platonic Perspectives on Philosophical Methodology and Moral Improvement
  • David Robertson, Geography & Sustainability Studies, Reinterpreting the Big Trees
  • Jeffrey Koch, Political Science & International Relations, The Changing Relationship between Education, Income, and Partisanship
  • Kathleen Mapes, History, Peasant Pioneers, Immigration Politics, and the Making of Modern America, 1890-1924
  • Ken Pan, School of Business, Listing Choices and Firm Performance: Evidence from Australian and New Zealand's ADRs
  • Ming-Mei Chang, Biology, Writing a lab book entitled "Molecular Biology Techniuqes for Undergraduate - A Project Approach"
  • Pallavi Panda, School of Business, Advancing my research agenda using three different projects

Fall 2022

  • Anne Pellerin, Physics & Astronomy, Extragalactic Planetary Nebulae in Nearby Galazies with the Hubble Space Telescope
  • Cesar Aguilar, Mathematics, hTeXml: A Web Publishing Tool for STEM Authors
  • D. Jeff Over, Geological Sciences, Collaborative studies and teaching in Geological Sciences: event stratigraphy, cyclicstratigraphy and astrochronology, and research investigation of environmental changes during the latest Devonian global crisis or Revision of Silurian tentaculitoids in New York State and preparation for the International Union of Geosciences (IUGS) International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS) Subcommission on Devonian Stratigraphy scheduled to meet in Geneseo in the summer of 2023.
  • Jason Ozubko, Psychology, The Neural Development of Cognitive Maps in Virtual Real-World Environments
  • Jeffrey Mounts, Psychology, Development of Event Related Potential Skills and Course
  • Jennifer Apple, Biology, Identifying the Salient Traits for Successful Mimicry in Ant-mimicking Spiders
  • James Aimers, Anthropology, The Ancient Maya Pottery of Lamanai, Belize
  • Justin Behrend, History, Fugitive Slaves and the Development of State Power
  • Mansokku Lee, School of Business, The Impact of Government's Welfare Expenditures on Financial Depth and Access
  • Michael Masci, Music & Musical Theatre, Translating Augustin Savard's "Abridged Course in Harmony" (1858)
  • Paul McLaughlin, Sociology, Reconceptualizing Metabolic Rifts: Strategic Essentialism within a Socially Constructed Adaptive Landscape
  • Suann Yang, Biology, Creating a faculty development network for an online curriculum to foster data literacy and value diverse identities in biology

    Information about the eligibility and criteria for sabbatical leaves may be found on the Provost Office's wiki (Geneseo log in required).

    Fulbright Scholar Leave

    The Fulbright Scholar Program is one of the most widely recognized and prestigious international exchange programs in the world and is open to faculty and professionals at all stages of their careers, including retirement. The program, which supports activities and projects that promote the relationship between educational exchange and international understanding, provides grants to support research or teaching in a participating country for a set duration of time (often the equivalent of one academic semester or a full academic year).  

    The following faculty have won 2022-23 Fulbright U.S. Scholar awards:

    Spring 2023

    • Scott Giorgis, Geological Sciences ~ Paleomagnetic Insights into Fault Movement in the Northern Andes, Barranquilla, Colombia

    Fall 2022

    • D. Jeffrey Over, Geological Sciences ~ Collaborative Studies and Teaching in Geological Sciences: Event Stratigraphy, Cyclostratigraphy and Astrochronology, and Research Investigation of Environmental Changes During the Late Devonian Global Crisis, Brno, Czech Republic