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Academic Affairs Awards

Academic Affairs Awards for Outstanding Commitment to Geneseo's Values

In Fall 2018, Provost Stacey Robertson and her leadership team created five new awards based on the College's stated values to recognize faculty, professional staff, and classified staff in Academic Affairs who have helped move forward Geneseo's vision of demonstrating the enduring power of liberal arts education through teaching, advising, program development and implementation, student support, scholarship, and service to the campus community. Award winners receive a $1,000 internal grant to support their work in their respective award categories.

  • The Learning award honors intellectual inquiry, critical thinking, scholarly exploration, and personal growth.
  • The Creativity award celebrates a spirit of innovation that inspires intellectual curiosity, self-expression, and problem-solving.
  • The Belonging award recognizes accomplishment(s) related to promoting a diverse campus community that supports and celebrates different identities, promotes equity and inclusion, and respects the ideas and contributions of each individual.
  • The Civic Engagement award commends active participation grounded in self-reflection, empathy, and an ethical commitment ot the common good of our local and global communities.
  • The Sustainability award acknowledges advancement of a culture of well-being that integrates and applies principles of environmental, social, and economic stewardship informed by an understanding of the past and our obligations to the future.

Nominations for the 2022 Academic Affairs Awards for Outstanding Commitment to Geneseo's Values are currently being accepted from members of the Geneseo campus community through Sunday, January 30, 2022 via this form.

Previous years' award recipients are listed within each category below (based on the College's former values):


This award honors intellectual inquiry, scholarly achievement, and personal growth.

  • 2021 Catherine Adams, History
  • 2020 Karleen West, Political Science and International Relations
  • 2019 Melanie Medeiros, Anthropology
  • 2018 Christopher Sandefer, Computing and Information Technology

This award celebrates a spirit of innovation that inspires intellectual curiosity and problem-solving.

  • 2021 Kristin Gentry, English
  • 2020 Travis Kershner, Computing and Information Technology
  • 2019 Lytton Smith, Center for Integrative Learning & English
  • 2018 Avan Jassawalla, School of Business

This award recognizes accomplishment(s) related to promoting a diverse campus community marked by mutual respect for the unique talents and contributions of each individual.

  • 2021 Amy Fisk, Accessibility Services
  • 2020 Maria del Rocio Vallejo-Alegre, Languages & Literatures
  • 2019 Irene Belyakov-Goodman, English
  • 2018 Alice Rutkowski, English
Civic Responsibility

This award commends the promotion of ethical local and global citizenship.

  • 2021 Emily McCrossen, Study Abroad/International Programs
  • 2020 Jennifer Guzman, Anthropology
  • 2019 Edward Pogozelski, Physics & Astronomy
  • 2018 James Kernan, Geography

This award acknowledges advancement in just principles of ecological, social, and economic stewardship.

  • 2021 Sarah Gaudio, Geological Sciences
  • 2020 Barbara Welker, Anthropology
  • 2019 Andrea Klein, Scheduling, Events, & Conference Services
  • 2018 Kristina Hannam, Biology

    Provost's Award for Exemplary Faculty Mentoring

    The Provost’s Exemplary Faculty Mentorship Award was designed in early 2021 to encourage, honor, and reward those faculty members who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to mentoring other faculty at SUNY Geneseo. All faculty members with a full-time academic appointment are eligible to be nominated. Those currently serving as administrators are not eligible for this award.

    Exemplary faculty mentoring involves a generous sharing of valuable time with mentees and may include the following: 

    • Providing a supportive environment that encourages growth and achievement through openly sharing/examining challenges, successes, and failures.
    • Guiding mentees in identifying/defining/attaining their academic, professional, and/or personal goals by exploring their interests and sharing information, knowledge, wisdom, and experience.
    • Providing regular and constructive feedback on mentees’ teaching, service, and/or scholarly work.
    • Promoting and making others aware of mentees’ contributions.
    • Involving mentees in publications, grants, presentations, expositions, conferences, or professional/leadership opportunities, and readily sharing knowledge of other such opportunities.
    • Providing valuable networking opportunities by facilitating academic, professional, and personal contacts.
    • Sharing knowledge of the political landscape and power dynamics in the discipline and exploring effective strategies for navigating those structures. 
    • Encouraging the development of skills and support networks for overcoming barriers that mentees may face in their field.

    Our 2021 award winner, Associate Professor of History Kathy Mapes, was announced and celebrated at our fourth annual Academic Affairs Fall Festival on November 30, 2021. 

    Curriculum Development Awards

    The new Curriculum Development Award program (piloted in 2021) provided strategic support to four full-time faculty who are working to develop new programs that are aligned with our mission and values, leverage our strengths, and have potential to recruit students and/or generate revenue. "New programs" are defined broadly to include majors, minors, microcredentials, partnerships with other organizations or industries, and other kinds of learning experiences that can help us attract new students and develop new sources of funding to support our educational mission. Creative thinking, cross-unit collaborations, and innovative partnerships are encouraged. 

    Recipients of the Curriculum Development Awards received a one-semester course reduction to develop curriculum related to their award proposal.

    Academic Year 2021-22 Recipients

    • Aaron Heap, Associate Professor of Mathematics - Spring 2022 - to develop a Geneseo Summer Science and Math Academy
    • Allison Bechard, Assistant Professor of Psychology - Spring 2022 - to develop a graduate program in Neuroscience/Psychology
    • Annmarie Urso, Associate Professor in the School of Education - Spring 2022 - to develop a Dyslexia Certificate Program and a Dyslexia Microcredential
    • Justin Behrend, Associate Professor of History - Fall 2021 - to develop a masters degree program in the History Department

    Results of this award program will be assessed near the end of the academic year and a decision will be made regarding continuing the program.

    Other Awards