How to Register for Classes

This page contains information about registering for classes as an undergraduate at SUNY Geneseo.

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Online Registration

Class registration is completed using the student self-service platform KnightWeb.

When to Register

Your access to online registration depends on the total of your completed hours plus your in-progress hours. More information is available on the registration information page. Log into KnightWeb to confirm the day and time you may begin registration.

Registration Holds

If a hold has been placed on your registration because of outstanding financial or other obligations to the College, you will not be able to register until the hold is cleared. You can view holds in the Student Records menu of KnightWeb. Outstanding financial obligations are able to be paid on KnightWeb using a credit card. Registration holds are updated every weekday between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

You will receive a copy of the above instructions at your Geneseo email address. If you have any questions, call the Registrar's Office at 585-245-5566 or come to Erwin 102.

Advising Requirement

If you have mandatory advising, you will have an advisement hold placed on KnightWeb. This will prevent registration but will not affect other areas of KnightWeb.

Students who have required advisement (first-year students, first-semester transfers, students on academic probation, students with a cumulative GPA of 2.30 or lower) will not be able to register for classes until they meet with their advisor, who will remove the registration hold once an advisement meeting has taken place. Advising appointments should be scheduled well in advance of the registration window.

It is strongly recommended that all students consult with their academic advisor prior to registration.

Planning Your Schedule

Use the Master Schedule to plan your classes. This schedule contains important information relating to class restrictions, linked courses, and to block scheduling that is not available on KnightWeb.

Permission Forms

A signed General Permit Form or Class Overload Permission Slip is required for enrollment in courses requiring an exemption or special permission. These permits may be processed by the department secretary online. A student may also get a paper signed by the department and bring it to the Registrar’s Office in Erwin 102. The Registrar will enter permission on the student record, after which the student can process the course addition on KnightWeb. The office will begin accepting these forms on the first day of Academic Advisement period.

Final Exam Considerations

Since the final examination schedule is determined by regular class meeting times, students, insofar as possible, should avoid enrolling in class sections, including late afternoon and evening classes, which meet at times which would cause them to have three or four examinations on the same day.

"No Shows"

Please note that students who do not officially drop or withdraw from courses and do not attend class are still officially registered for the courses. As such, they may be obligated to pay outstanding tuition and fees, and may also be subject to a failing grade.

Other Types of Course Credit


Students seeking an internship should contact the Internship Coordinator Rob DiCarlo in Erwin 116.

Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Courses

Students with strong academics may apply to enroll in a 500-level graduate course provided that half of the credit requirements of the degree program and two-thirds of the course and credit requirements of the academic major have been completed. Contact the Graduate Studies Office in Erwin 106 for more information.

Directed Study

Courses in which a student works under the guidance and supervision of a member of the faculty on a one-to-one basis (e.g., PSYC 391, ENGL 399) are not listed. Arrangements for these should be made by the student with the appropriate department and individual faculty member and submitted through the online Directed Study Request Form. If a student needs to drop a directed study course, they must contact their professor to submit the request.

SUNY Cross-Registration

Geneseo students are welcome to cross-register for courses at other SUNY Campuses. Cross-registration is only available for the fall and spring terms; intersession and summer sessions are not covered by the cross-registration agreement. Fill out the SUNY Cross-Registration form using your Geneseo login to get started.

Cross-Registration With Rochester Area Colleges

Full-time students at the College (i.e. those registered for at least 12 credit hours at Geneseo) may cross-register for additional course work at several colleges and universities in the surrounding area without paying additional tuition. Students may cross-register only when a course is never offered at Geneseo. Registration forms for cross-registration are available in Erwin 102. Students from other colleges and universities in the Rochester area who are cross-registering at SUNY Geneseo must follow the registration procedures for non-matriculated students.