Nassau Hall

Nassau Hall is mixed-year, suite-style building located in South Village, close to the Roemer Arboretum and the newly renovated Red Jacket dining hall. It's the only building in South Village that houses students from all years. Nassau's 4-person, 5-person, and 6-person suites are laid out along corridors that make it easy for students to meet and mingle.

Quick Facts

  • 4-person, 5-person, 6-person suites
  • 200 students
  • All years
  • Dance studio, painting studio, music room

Additional Information

  • A typical suite consists of a bathroom, a living room area, and two or three bedrooms.
  • Each floor of the building is accessible by elevator.
  • There is a full kitchen on the ground floor, and lounge spaces throughout the building.
  • Home to the Arts Community LLC, Nassau Hall boasts a dance studio, a painting studio, and a music room. The student-designed and painted murals inside create a welcoming atmosphere.
  • The hall is also a Transfer Student Experience LLC, with one floor set aside for transfer students who are supported by an in-hall transfer student mentor.

Nassau Hall Values

Creativity | Belonging | Learning

Contact Info

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