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Putnam Hall

Putnam Hall is an 80-student residence in the North Village that is entirely all-gender housing and offers double rooms. The hall boasts an amenity usually only found in suites: private bathrooms shared among groups of four residents. Though the bathrooms are more private, the hall retains its corridor-style community feel because each double room is connected to the hallway. Kitchens and laundry facilities are available on each floor.

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Quick Facts

  • Double rooms with semi-private bathrooms
  • 80 students
  • For students from all years
  • All-gender Housing

Additional Information

  • Putnam Hall is one of our fully all-gender housing halls on campus
  • It is located adjacent to Letchworth Dining Hall and a short walk to the College Union and Mary Jemison Dining Hall.
  • One of our smallest residence halls, Putnam boasts a very close-knit community of residents.

Putnam Hall Values

Leadership | Teamwork | Inclusivity

Contact Info

Service Desk: 585-245-6166 (x6166 on campus)

Area Coordinator: Marissa Schlitter
Coordinator Phone: 585-245-5775
Coordinator Email: