Putnam Hall

Putnam Hall is an 80-student residence in the North Village that is entirely all-gender housing and offers double rooms. The hall boasts an amenity usually only found in suites: private bathrooms shared among groups of four residents. Though the bathrooms are more private, the hall retains its corridor-style community feel because each double room is connected to the hallway. Kitchens and laundry facilities are available on each floor.

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Quick Facts

  • Double rooms with semi-private bathrooms
  • 80 students
  • For students from all years
  • All-gender Housing

Additional Information

  • Putnam Hall is one of our¬†all-gender housing options on campus
  • It is located adjacent to Letchworth Dining Hall and a short walk to the College Union and Mary Jemison Dining Hall.
  • One of our smallest residence halls, Putnam boasts a very close-knit community of residents.

Learning Outcomes

Students living in Putnam Hall will:

  1. Enhance their understanding of the relationship between communities, individual identities, and lived experiences
  2. Develop cultural competency skills and knowledge through workshops, outreach, and building positive relationships
  3. Enhance and develop their own critical thinking skills towards problem solving

Putnam Hall Values

Leadership | Teamwork | Inclusivity

Contact Info

Service Desk: 585-245-6166 (x6166 on campus)

Chris Rivera

Area Coordinator: Christopher Rivera
Coordinator Phone: 585-245-5775
Coordinator Email: riverac@geneseo.edu