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Resident Advisor for Wellness (RAW) Position Description

Apply to be a Resident Advisor for Wellness

Thank you for your interest in the Resident Advisor for Wellness (RAW) Position for the 2020 - 2021 Academic Year.  The Residence Life Department is looking to hire three (3) students to serve as RAWs for the entire residential community and will reside in either Ontario Hall, Jones Hall, or Onondaga Hall (locations may change) while also completing traditional Resident Assistant responsibilities*. RAWs will receive additional training to support students who want to learn about wellness and living a healthy lifestyle.  RAWs will also receive information on training and alcohol consumption and drug use and ways to limit the consumption of both, or even have a desire to live substance free.  RAWs will work in close collaboration with the Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Program Office.  Training will include motivational interviewing and BASICS. 

In order to be considered for the position, you must complete the RAW Application in its entirety and submit it by February 11, 2020.  All applicants will be required to submit a resume with their application.  References must complete the Reference Form by March 1, 2020.  Incomplete submissions will not be considered.  Each application received will be reviewed and evaluated by the RAW Selection Committee and members of the Residence Life Staff. RAW Applicants only need to complete the RAW Application. Applicants may indicate interest in the RA Position via the RAW Application.

Inclusive | Proud | Thoughtful | Creative | Connector

If you embody these values, the RAW position might be for you!  RAWs possess strong leadership skills, foster the development of relationships, promote well-being to students, and demonstrate a commitment to multicultural education in not only their residential community, but across the SUNY Geneseo campus.

RAW Selection Timeline
  • RA Application available: December 17
  • RA Information Sessions: Dates, Times, and Locations TBA
    • Q & A with Professional Staff - January
    • ARD Panel & Info Sessions - January 22-28
  • RA Information Tables: Dates, Times, and Locations TBA
  • RA Application Due: February 11
  • RA Group Process Workshop Series: February 17 - March 13
    • Candidates will attend a three-week workshop facilitated by a Residence Life professional.  During the workshops, candidates will be able to:
      • develop connections to the Residence Life staff and each other,  
      • demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively and problem solve, 
      • work through activities that will show their ability to work collaboratively,  
      • illustrate their decision-making skills, and  
      • express their creativity. 
  • RA Interview Day: February 14
  • RA Position Conditional Offers: March 16
  • RA Position Conditional Acceptance Due: March 20
  • RA Candidate Intentional Conversations with RAs: March 23 - April 21
    • Candidates will be required facilitate conversations with RAs
  • RA Position Student Leader Learning & Development Workshop Series: March 23 - April 17*
    • Candidates must attend all three workshops (plus Capstone) in order to be fully considered for the RA position
    • Candidates may attend workshops in any order
    • Candidates will complete Session Prep prior to attending the workshop
    • Candidates will be sent a link to sign-up for their workshops when they receive conditional offers
    • All materials will be available to the candidates via email by March 22
  • RA Kick-Off, Capstone, and Official Offers: April 24 (Time and Location, TBA)
  • RA Position Acceptance Due: April 29
  • RA Orientation Paperwork: April 30 at 3:30 p.m. CU 319 and 322/23

Program Goal

The goal of the Resident Advisor for Wellness (RAW) program is to provide residents who want to discuss overall wellness and healthy lifestyle initiatives, as well as, alcohol and other drug concerns with an immediate confidential peer connection in the residence hall community.  The over arching goal is harm reduction. 

Explanation of the Position

Student Life is hiring three Resident Assistants (RA) to serve as RAWs for the entire residential community.  RAWs will reside in Jones, Onondaga, and Ontario Residence Halls (locations may change). In addition to completing traditional RA responsibilities, RAWs will receive additional training to support students who want to learn more about wellness and living a healthy lifestyle.

RAWs will also receive information on training and alcohol consumption and drug use and ways to limit the consumption of both, or even have a desire to live substance free.  RAWs will wok in close collaboration with the Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Program Office.  Training will include motivational interviewing and BASICS.

RAW Applicants only need to complete the RAW Application.  Applicants may indicate interest in the RA Position via the RAW Application.

Position Values

  • RAWs are available, reliable, and accountable.  RAWs fulfill responsibilities and meet deadlines and expectations.
  • RAWs are empathetic active listeners who are accepting of difference, multi-culturally aware, and able to educate others on diverse topics.  RAWs are not judgmental and are open to new ideas.
  • RAWs use critical thinking skills, experience, and knowledge of policy to make decisions.  RAWs are attentive to detail, role model ethical behavior, and recognize that they are part of a community larger than themselves.  RAWs are confidential and work with integrity.
  • RAWs are flexible and adaptable. RAWs manage time efficiently and are able to prioritize.  RAWs are calm under pressure and are able to go with the flow to work with residents and complete tasks.
  • RAWs exhibit prosocial behavior and take action.  RAWs display enthusiasm when building community and supporting residents. RAWs are aware of resources and able to refer residents when necessary.

Educators, Resources, Role Models, and Leaders*

  • Teach residents about healthy lifestyle and wellbeing 
  • Be a compassionate and informed about alcohol and other drug use
  • Incorporate information about alcohol and other dugs into floor meetings, programming, and bulletin boards
  • Attend mandatory trainings and development to stay abreast of information about alcohol and other drugs
  • Be mindful to not cross the line of attending behavior to counseling during interactions and discussions with residents
  • Identify as a RAW to residents and visibly post information about the role
  • Understand how and when to refer residents for professional help and support
  • Be aware of campus and community resources to share with residents
  • Be familiar with on and off campus events and communicate them to residents, especially substance-free entertainment options
  • Be aware of important campus dates and happenings
  • Stay connected and responsive to the AOD Office
Role Model
  • Be welcoming, friendly, and open to honest dialogue about wellness, alcohol, and other drugs
  • Create a safe judgment free safe for residents to discuss concerns or ask questions
  • Act with integrity and be confidential
  • Establish strong relationships with residents in order to help them manage risks
  • Avoid reinforcing stereotypes about alcohol and other drug use
  • Send a clear and consistent message that fosters and promotes wellbeing, safety, and positive choices to residents
  • Reduce barriers that may prevent residents to obtain treatment
  • Role model healthy lifestyle and provide opportunities for residents to engage in wellness activities
  • Exhibit prosocial behavior and is not a bystander in alcohol or other drug related emergencies - stand up, take action, seek help, and document concerns
  • Support residents who choose not to drink alcohol or decide to make low-risk decisions about consumption - sober driver, cab ride, etc.
  • Challenge misinformation and humor that fuels misconception or perpetuates a culture of alcohol and other drug misuse
Job Responsibilities
  • Meet weekly with the AC or RD of the building
  • Meet weekly with RAW Program Coordinator
  • Meet semesterly with Director of Residence Life or designee
  • Communicate weekly with residents about wellness initiatives, alcohol and other drugs digitally, verbally, or through passive efforts
  • Assist the RAW Program Coordinator with creating and disseminating information about alcohol and other drug use
  • Connect residents with campus resources related to their particular needs, but also the AOD Program
  • Ensure that residents are aware of the RAW role and services
  • Direct Education programming and community building toward alcohol and other drug use awareness
  • Attend RA Training in August and January
  • Attend RA In-Services
  • Participate in AOD Program trainings including, but not limited to motivational interviewing and BASICS
    • Harm reduction strategies
    • Attending and helping skills
    • AOD Advisory Group
    • AOD Training
    • Appropriate professional development
  • Ongoing development and resources provided by AOD Program Coordinator and Assistant Director of Residence Life

RA Position Qualifications

  • Applicants must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA and be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits
    • Applicants must report at least a 2.5 Fall 2019 GPA at the time of application 
    • Applicants must also receive at least a 2.5 GPA for the Spring 2020 semester
  • Applicants must be in good conduct standing and not have current conduct sanctions
  • Applicants must have completed one semester at SUNY Geneseo by the end of the Spring 2020 semester
  • Applicants must have lived in on-campus at least one semester at any college or university by the end of the Spring 2020 semester
  • Applicants must not hold a full-time position elsewhere, be a student teacher, or hold a full-time internship
Desired candidates will demonstrate:
  • Leadership potential through past experiences and recommendations
  • Commitment to personal growth
  • Willingness to advocate for and be a source of support for other students
  • Sensitivity and genuine concern for others that would compel one to form relationships with assigned residents
  • Integrity in decision-making and maturity in actions
  • Program event planning skills to meet established goals
  • Problem-solving skills and the ability to evaluate and respond to high pressure situations
  • Effective communication skills and patience when working with students and colleagues
  • Knowledge of SUNY Geneseo and the Department of Residence Life policies and functions
Conditions of Employment
  • Period of Employment:  August 10, 2020 - May 23, 2021  (dates may be adjusted)
  • Enrollment Requirement:  RAs must be registered for a minimum of 12 credit hours and be considered a full-time student; must also register for the RA Class INTD 240
    • RAs may not register for more than 18 credits without permission from the Director of Residence Life
  • Remuneration:  Room rent waiver, $200.00 meal plan allocation per semester, $300.00 stipend per semester
  • Academic Standing:  RAs must maintain both a cumulative and semester GPA of 2.5
  • Conduct:  Employment is contingent upon maintaining good conduct standing; conduct history is reviewed prior to hire
  • Department Initiatives:  Attendance at RA Training, RA Selection, RA Class, Committee Meetings, and Residence Hall opening and closing is mandatory
  • Student Teaching:  RAs are not permitted to student teach
  • Employment:  RAs are not permitted to work more than 15 hours per week outside of their position with Residence Life
*Adapted from North Dakota State University LIVE REAL Mentor Program