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Residence Hall Room Rates

Room Rates 2021 - 2022


Once a residential space is occupied, the resident assigned to that space is liable for 50% of the housing cost.

Standard Double $4,440.00

A standard double room is the most common and traditional rooming experience.  Two residents share a sizable living space within a suite or corridor style residence hall.  Every residence hall has this type of housing option. 

Designed Single $4,878.00

A designed single is a room that is meant for one person only.  There are very few designed singles on campus that are assigned as a designed single.  Most, if not all, are used for medical accommodations.

Superior Single $4,903.00 

A double room that is being used by one resident only.  Another resident will not be placed in the space for students who request and are assigned to a superior single room.  Requests for superior singles are not guaranteed to be granted.  Space may not be available. 

Townhouse $5,015.00 

Townhouse rooms are single spaces within an apartment style home. 

Summer Room Rates 2022

Summer Session Rates
Full Summer (12 weeks) | $1,625
First Quarter of Summer (3 weeks) | $510
First Half of Summer (6 weeks) | $875
Second Half of Summer (6 weeks) | $875
First Third of Summer (4 weeks) | $625
Second Third of Summer (4 weeks) (4 weeks) | $625
Final Third of Summer (4 weeks) (4 weeks) | $625

1 week cost | $180
2 week cost | $345

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