Roommate Preference Form Instructions

This information is intended for those who want to request to share a room with a particular friend who is also a new Geneseo student. If you have yet to complete your Roommate Preference Form (i.e., your housing application) through the Symplicity Residence software, you should access your Symplicity account and submit your Roommate Preference Form, then review the instructions provided below.

In your New Student Housing Application you will be prompted to complete a brief survey about your lifestyle choices, such as your thoughts about overnight guests, sharing of possessions, your desired study and sleeping environment, and whether or not you tend to keep your room clean. You will also be able to specify your preferred housing, including style (corridor or suite) as well as special living options (Living Learning Communities).

Unfortunately, you will not be guaranteed your preferred housing. The order in which new students are assigned to residence hall housing is determined by deposit dates and application submission. This means that, if you pay your deposit later than most new students, you will be assigned to housing after most new students.

Your Application will be available for you to complete in the Symplicity Residence software within 3 business days after you pay your housing deposit.

In order to view the screen depicted below, navigate your Symplicity Residence menu as follows: click on Roommate Matching, then click on Group.

Roommate Preference Form

In the "roommates" field of this screen, you can type the passcode of your desired roommate. (Dummy Student-15's passcode is serfan798, as illustrated in the upper-right corner of the screenshot.) You or your friend will need to ask the other for their unique passcode. When you enter a correct passcode, your friend's name should appear in the box below the roommates field. After your friend's name is displayed, click the "save" button.

Note: Only you or your friend needs to form your roommate pairing in the Symplicity Residence software. It is unnecessary for both of you to form roommate pairings in this way.

If your chosen roommate declines the invitation, you will not be able to send another invitation to the same person. If they declined in error, ask them to request you and the system should allow it. 

You will need to select a group leader however this is not an important component of new student housing applications (they are, however, for returning student selection). 


  • New students can preference only their direct roommate. Preferencing multiple roommates will result in your roommate group being disbanded when assignments are being made. 
  • We suggest roommates being on the same page about LLC applications. If students apply for different LLCs and are selected into them, their roommate group will be automatically disbanded.