Substance Free

SUNY Geneseo offers substance free housing for students who are interested in this living option.  Substance-Free is not designed to be separate but rather it brings people with similar interests, goals, and lifestyles together in a common living environment. The 4th floor of Steuben Hall is available to residents who want to live in Substance-Free Housing.

 Regardless of the reason(s) for choosing to live in Substance-Free Housing, all residents of these sections agree to hold each other accountable to the following:

1. Students will not possess or consume alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs in the livings environment regardless of age.
2. Students will not return to the Substance-Free living environment in an intoxicated and/or disruptive state
3. Students will not negatively impact the living environment through the decision to use or have contact with any substances beyond the residence hall. For example, a resident in this area who has either smoked or been in a smoking environment is obligated to not bring this smell back to the Substance-Free section.
4. Students will not invite guests to this area who are under the influence and/or have used any of the above substances prior to entering the Substance-Free livings environment. Students must assume responsibility for all actions of their guests.
5. By violating this agreement, students may forfeit the right to continue to live in their assigned room and can be reassigned to alternative spaces on campus

The full Contract is available here: