Wayne Hall

Wayne Hall is a corridor-style, all-first year building located in South Village. As Geneseo's smallest first-year residence hall, Wayne is a close-knit community. Home to Dante House, it is a welcoming environment for international students and those interested in global citizenship and service. Wayne Hall also houses first-year students in the Edgar Fellows, Geneseo's honors program.

Quick Facts

  • Corridor-style
  • 90 students
  • All first-year students
  • Dante House LLC
  • Edgar Fellows
  • RA for International Student Engagement (RAISE)

Additional Information

  • There are laundry facilities, a kitchen, and a game room on the first floor.

  • There is a large lounge on the second floor, and a study lounge on every floor.

  • Since many international students are housed in Wayne, the building has a live-in Resident Assistant for International Student Engagement (RAISE) trained in supporting our international student population. The RAISE works with other offices to connect international students to academic resources, to networking opportunities, and to each other.

Wayne Hall Values


Discover | Aptitude | Nationality | Thoughtful | Engagement | Service

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