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Continuing Registration for Student Organizations


Each year, all registered student organizations must complete the Continuing Registration process during the Fall semester of each academic year in order to keep their College registration status. Completing this process in its entirety will permit your organization to continue the benefits of registered organizations. Failure to complete any step of the process will result in suspension or revocation of the organizations' college registration.

*The Continuing Registration process has not been made available to student organizations yet. Please be on the lookout for an email towards the end of June/beginning of July*

NEW CHANGE: In the past, participation in the Student Organization Expo was dependent upon the completion of the Continuing registration process. For 2020-2021 academic year, we will be making an exception to this rule. You DO NOT need to complete the Continuing Registration process prior to Expo in order to participate in Expo.

The Continuing Registration process is to be completed entirely ONLINE.

Continuing Registration Deadline: October 9, 2020

The 6 steps of the Continuing Registration are listed below (These steps do not need to be completed in this order):

*Links to the forms will be available August 1st. Please check back then.*
  1. Completing the Continuing Registration Form
  2. Upload a copy of your constitution to the Continuing Registration 2020-2021 Form (If you do not have a copy of your constitution, please email me. You will need to upload your constitution in order to submit the form)
  3. Your advisor must submit an Advisor Confirmation Form - It is YOUR responsibility to have your advisor submit that form. Registration is not complete without it. *This can also be found under "Forms" on the left side of the Student Organization's page*
  4. Complete the online Student Organization Officer Training course hosted on Canvas (*Every organization president must complete the course. If you are the president for two organizations, please indicate that on the final assessment. I highly recommend all members of the executive board complete the course.) The course is self-enroll. You can self-enroll using this link: Self-Enroll for Canvas Course. As with anything, it is important that the information in the course is shared with the rest of the executive board.
  5. Kognito Training: Kognito training can be accessed by visiting All student organization executive board leaders are REQUIRED to complete this training. We consider executive board members to be the president, treasurer, vice-president and treasurer. Vice-President and Secretary are optional positions. If these positions are not filled by a physical individual, I do not expect training to be completed by this person. In order to receive credit for the training, please upload the certificate using this link. If you have completed the training already, you can access your certificate by logging into your Kognito account. You do not need to retake the training.
  6. End of Year Report: *Needs to be completed in the current spring semester*- Due May 17, 2019. Submission of the report by May 17 assists me in compiling an Annual Report for student organizations. However, if it is not completed by May 17th, it is still considered a part of the Continuing Registration process and must be completed by the respective deadline.

*To avoid suspension, the deadline for all Continuing Registration materials to be completed and submitted by October 9th.

NOTE: Greek social fraternities and sororities must maintain registration by the Inter-Greek Council (as well as completing the above procedures) in order to continue registration by the College

If you have any questions about the Continuing Registration process, please contact the Assistant Director of Student Life, Kristina Barsema, at, College Union Room 305 or at x5150.