Summer Experience Programs

SUNY Geneseo and the Department of Residence Life are proud to offer Summer Experience programs for students to connect with each other and the local area.

Specific program availability may vary by year.

Summer 2023

**Deadline Extended to August 7, 2023!**

kayaking sustainability course

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply discipline-specific knowledge and skills to place-based learning experiences
  • Form connections between Participation in a Global Society dimensions (Diversity, Pluralism, and Power; World Cultures and Values; Contemporary Global Challenges; Creativity and Innovation​​; Sustainability) and local contexts
  • Engage in critical analysis and argumentation in oral discourse and written work
  • Build positive relationships with students, faculty, staff, and the community
  • Reflect upon academic experiences, assess changes in learning and outlook over time, and to make personal, professional, and civic plans based on that self-reflection

The XLRN 101 courses have 3-4 day summer components and are fall semester courses. So there is a small amount of coursework expected in the fall.


Visit the Application and Payment Page for the application and payment information.

Grants to Attend

We do have financial grants available for students to subsidize the cost of each trip through the Summer Experience Scholarship and Grants Committee. 

NOTE: Students are expected to pay for trip fees if they have the resources and the grants will only cover partial funding for a given trip. Any participant is eligible to apply. Just fill out the form.