Departmental Curriculum


It is the intention of the Department of Residence Life and the Department of Student Life to provide and to identify opportunities for students that result in increased learning, greater self-awareness, and a clearer sense of purpose.


Our passion is the improvement of the human condition through the expansion of a caring community (Campus Life: In Search of Community, p. 47).

Overarching Goals

  1. To provide opportunities for students to learn, interact, lead, reflect, program, question, and have fun (How College Affects Students, p. 647).
  2. To provide safe and inviting places where the college community can gather to engage, live, and flourish.
  3. To provide commonly shared experiences that promote belonging and connectedness with a mutual respect for the unique contributions of each individual.

Departmental Curriculum

Our departmental curriculum is firmly rooted in the college's mission and values and the Geneseo Learning Outcomes for a Baccalaureate Education. There are eight components of our Departmental Curriculum.  

  1. Educational Priority - describes our learning aspiration
    • The Departments of Residence Life and Student Life develop socially responsible citizens who build positive relationships as engaged learners.
  2. Learning Goals - breaks down the Educational Priority into specific learning components
    • Each student will become a socially responsible citizen. (SCR, LD)*
    • Each student will build positive inclusive relationships with people in the community. (SUPVS, ECSS, AD)*
    • Each student will aspire to be an engaged learner. (CEAA, HL, ID)*
  3. Narratives - description of what we mean by the learning goals.
  4. Learning Outcomes - break down each learning goal into observable and measurable outcomes.
  5. Strategies - the ways in which we work to achieve our learning outcomes (see below)
  6. Educational Plan - a map of our strategies throughout the academic year
  7. Strategy Learning Outcomes - specific learning outcomes for each strategy
  8. Lesson Plan Template - lesson plans describe how each individual strategy will be implemented

*Abbreviations demonstrate alignment with the Student & Campus Life Divisional Learning Outcomes

Strategies for Learning

Residential Students

  • Student Engagement Experiences (SEEs)
  • Community Dialogues
  • Mentorship
  • Home Improvements
  • Living-Learning Community curricula

Student Staff

  • Resident Assistant and Advanced Peer Leadership Courses
  • Staff Meetings
  • Training and in-service
  • 1 on 1 meetings with supervisor 
  • Job Responsibilities

All Students

  • Geneseo Late Knight
  • All-College Hour Speaker Series
  • Student Organizations
  • Geneseo Campus Activities Board
  • Upstate Escapes
  • College Union Employees
  • Departmental Internship