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Assistant Director of Student Life for Co-Curricular Involvement
Kristina Barsema
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Department of Student Life
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Please be sure to check out the Restart Geneseo page for information regarding campus events and gatherings. Below you will find information specific to student organizations. If you have any questions, please submit them using this form. 

While the start of the semester will look different from what we are used to, Student Life will continue their commitment to the development and success of our student organizations. 

Student Events and Gathering Phased Plan

(In compliance with DOH, NYS, and CDC)

Phase 1: 2/8/21-2/28/21

  • In-person student organization events will be on hold from 2/8/21 through 3/01/21. For guidance with on-campus cultural and religious observances during this time frame, please contact Student Life at
  • During this time, registered student organizations and Moderate-risk/Lower-risk club sports can develop and submit their plans for small-group activities that adhere to NYS group-size limits and the CDC and NYS guidelines.
  • These plans can be submitted to Student Life starting 2/8/21 (template provided by Student Life on 2/8/21) in order to host small-group events.
  • These plans will be reviewed by the Event Review Committee beginning 2/24/21.
  • Approved plans for events and gatherings may begin starting 3/01/21.
  • Registered student organizations planning small-group events and gatherings will need to meet with a member of the Event Review Committee to review and confirm proper precautions to help protect against the spread of COVID-19. 

Phase 2: 3/1/21-5/12/21

  • Registered student organizations may host events as long as they comply with the institution’s current safety measures and policies, and the proposed plan has been approved by the Event Review Committee and Student Life.  
  • Failure to adhere to the submitted plan and NYS and CDC guidelines and comply with the institution's current safety measures and policies may result in revocation of registration or other sanctions consistent with the college’s Student Code of Conduct.

Getting involved is the best way to identify opportunities that can result in increased learning, greater self-awareness and a clearer sense of purpose for you and your peers. Do the Knight thing and get involved!

Whether you're looking for involvement in sustainability work, opportunities for artistic expression, chances to compete on a club sports level or define and explore your political views, our more than 180 student organizations truly have something for everyone.  Check out our directory or watch some of the videos our groups put together showcasing all they're about!

Looking to expand the organization offerings? Learn more about how to start a student organization!

If you're new to an officer position, be sure to check out the student organization resource page to learn more about event planning, officer transition, policies and procedures in the student organization handbook or schedule a meeting with our Student Involvement Mentors!

Opportunities and Resources to Check Out!

Student Organization Resource Room (SORR)

Be sure to check out the Student Organization Resource Room for all things involvement! Whether you're looking for ways to get connected, have questions about current policies and procedures or need a collaborative space, the Student Organization Resource Room is the space for you! Located in the MacVittie College Union Mailroom on the 1st floor, it is easily accessible and open to all!

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