MOSAIC stands for Multicultural Organization Space for Activities, Inclusion and Collaboration.

MOSAIC group photo

Cultural Awareness Series

The mission of the MOSAIC Cultural Awareness Series is to promote cultural awareness across campus and to allow students, staff, and faculty the opportunity to explore different cultures and talk about their findings in a comfortable and supportive setting.

To help facilitate this, Department of Student Life in conjunction with the Office of Multicultural Programs and Services, has worked to develop monthly lectures and workshops meant to highlight different cultures while at the same time encouraging the campus community to continue cultural exploration on their own.  Each workshop or lecture lasts approximately one to one and half hours and is open to all members of the campus community.

Student organizations, faculty, and staff are encouraged to participate in the MOSAIC Cultural Awareness Series by organizing a lecture or workshop. Lecture and workshop facilitators can select the topic and format that they like, provided it fits with the MOSAIC’s mission to increase cultural awareness on campus.