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Learning Goals, Narratives, and Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes are adapted from GLOBE and AAC&U Essential Learning Outcomes and VALUE Rubrics

(1) Each student will become a socially responsible citizen.


Socially responsible students are individuals who recognize they are part of, and have an on-going commitment to, a larger community. Students demonstrate this by taking ethical action to contribute to the well-being of others, sharing responsibility for the current and future public good. They build their competencies in intercultural and global learning, challenge their beliefs and assumptions, respect others, and demonstrate their growth through civic engagement opportunities.

Learning Outcomes

(1) Diversity and Pluralism (GLOBE)

(2) Civic Engagement (AAC&U)

(3) Global Learning (AAC&U)


(2) Each student will build positive inclusive relationships with people in the community.


Positive relationships are connections between people or groups that transcend differences and bind communities of people together. Positive relationships are built through socially responsible citizenship, effective communication skills, and empathy. They are demonstrated through teamwork, lifelong learning, and problem-solving. Positive relationships at Geneseo occur between students, between students and staff, between students and faculty, and between students and the broader community.

Learning Outcomes

(1) Leadership and Collaboration (GLOBE)

(2) Teamwork (AAC&U)

(2) Problem Solving (AAC&U)


(3) Each student will aspire to be an engaged learner.


Engaged learners show a passion for learning that extends beyond the traditional educational settings. They are critical thinkers, taking in evidence, identifying assumptions, and discerning implications. They take risks, embrace contradictions, and innovate and are able to reflect on these skills to address problems that cut across academic disciplines.

Learning Outcomes

(1) Integrative Inquiry (GLOBE) 

(2) Application and Transfer (GLOBE)

(3) Reflection (GLOBE)