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New Student Connections and Successes

The first semester of college is defined by a lot of different experiences: meeting new people, learning how to live with a roommate, finding the best route to class, and learning how to be successful in your academic endeavors. Due to COVID-19, making authentic connections has proven to be a challenge. 

As an extension of Orientation that occurred at the beginning of the semester, Student Life has created a new program called New Student Connections and Success (NSCS). NCSC is an initiative designed to increase personal connections with other students, faculty, and staff, increase a sense of belonging, and increase academic success.

Each week, you and several of your peers will meet with a current Student Involvement Mentor over Zoom. A Student Involvement Mentor is a current upper level student. You will have the opportunity to discuss a range of topics including, but not limited to, academic success, study skills, course registration, strategies for self-care, College values, and ways to get connected. Most importantly, you will have an opportunity to meet other first year students.

Are you someone who struggled to connect with your peers thus far? Consider participating in the New Student Connections and Successes program! The program is not required but can provide a valuable experience.

Fill out the form to share if you are interested, want more information, or if you choose to pass on the opportunity.