Theatre and Dance Scholarships

*Scholarships and awards are listed in ascending order of class (freshmen through graduating seniors)*

General scholarships Information

  • School of the Arts Merit Scholarships are awarded independent of financial need.
  • They are granted to both prospective and continuing students who demonstrate exceptional talent, artistic and academic achievement, and potential for growth.
  • Merit Scholarships may be renewed depending on the specifications of each scholarship.
  • Merit scholarships are credited toward tuition.
  • Performing Arts Awards, separate from scholarships, are also granted independent of financial need.
    • They are paid directly to graduating students chosen on the basis of exceptional talent and demonstrated achievement at Geneseo.
  • All prospective students who, following an audition/interview taken prior to March 1, are admitted to the School of the Arts and meet the qualifications for any of the scholarships listed will automatically be considered.
  • Prospective students who are offered a scholarship will be notified shortly after April 1 and must accept their awards and admission to the college no later than May 1.
  • Continuing students will be notified of their awards shortly after May 1.
  • Audition/interview requirements for scholarships, which may be described below, are explained in detail in a brochure Interviews and Auditions at Geneseo. For further information, or to schedule an audition, write to:

Secretary, Department of Theatre and Dance 
SUNY Geneseo 
1 College Circle 
Geneseo, NY 14454

or call (585) 245-5824 any business day during the hours 8:30 to 12 noon, or 1:30-3:30 PM.

Theatre Scholarships and Awards

  • Geneseo Community Players Scholarship in Theatre
    • an annually variable amount to an entering or continuing Theatre Major
  • Hubert and Gertrude Chanler Endowed Scholarships in Theatre
    • $500- $1000. scholarships to Theatre Majors with exceptional achievement in theatre arts
  • Alice Hart Kneller '30 Endowed Scholarship in Theatre
    • $2000. to a junior or senior with exceptional talent in theatre arts and high academic achievement
  • John Delelys Memorial Award in Theatre
    • $400. to a graduating senior for outstanding contributions to theatre
  • Geneseo Community Players Richard Story Award in Theatre
    • $250. to a graduating senior for excellence in design and technical theatre
  • Geneseo Community Players Robert Sinclair Award in Theatre
    • $250. to a graduating senior for excellence in acting or directing for student productions

Dance Scholarships and Awards

Criteria for Awarding Dance Studies Scholarships

To be considered for a Dance Studies Scholarship a student must have declared a Dance Studies minor, history minor, or concentration.  Outstanding incoming freshman, sophomore, junior or senior students are considered. No formal scholarship application is necessary.  The Dance Studies Faculty will identify outstanding students for scholarships. The final scholarship recipients are selected in April. Recipients are Dance scholars and creative artists as recognized through innovative projects in composition, kinesiology, technique courses, dance ensemble performances, scholarly papers submitted in history courses, and GREAT Day presentations. Students should have an academic standing of 3.3 GPA.

  • Bertha V. B. Lederer Endowed Scholarship for Excellence in Dance
    • $500. to a junior or senior Dance Minor or Dance Concentrator
  • Hubert and Gertrude Chanler Endowed Scholarship For Excellence in Dance Studies
    • $500. to a freshman or sophomore Dance Minor or Dance Concentrator
  • Dr. Myrtle Merritt Annual Scholarships for Contribution to Dance Studies Program
    • $500. to junior or senior Dance Minor or Dance Concentrator
  • Nona Schurman Annual Scholarship in Dance Composition
    • $500. to a Dance Minor or Dance Concentrator talented in dance composition
  • Sue-Ann Queen Kreuter Memorial Scholarship for Dedication to Dance Studies
    • $500. to a junior or senior Dance Minor or Dance Concentrator

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