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The Department of Theatre and Dance is proud to promote creative stimulation in students dedicated to either discipline.  Students will be trained in their respective fields, learning the fundamental skill sets necessary to perform and develop their own creative energies. The Department also hosts a number of student organizations dedicated to the fulfillment of these goals.

Theatre and Dance Department Statement in Support of Racial Justice

The SUNY-Geneseo Department of Theatre and Dance acknowledges that Black lives matter and is committed to the eradication of racism, discrimination, and violence of every kind manifested in our society.  We thus work to create and maintain an educational and artistic environment which acknowledges, recognizes, respects, and perpetuates racial justice and equality.  As an academic unit, we work to dignify and include the creative works and artistic contributions of Blacks, Latinx, Asian and Pacific Islander Americans, Native Peoples, the LGBTQ+ community, victims of antisemitism and Islamophobia, women, and people with disabilities which have been historically ignored, diminished, or excluded.  We consistently seek to replace those paradigms with our program that welcomes and empowers all students equally and equitably.  Our faculty profiles, production chronologies, course offerings, open casting policies, and record of producing the works of diverse artists and guest instructors all provide further documentation of our longstanding commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Casting Policy

SUNY Geneseo’s Theatre and Dance program is committed to maintaining an open casting policy that places all Geneseo students, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, disability, national origin, citizenship, age, military or veteran status, or sexual orientation, on an equal playing field in terms of eligibility to audition, be considered for, and/or cast in both faculty- and student-directed productions.  This policy is part of all Theatre casting announcements and is upheld unless a script and/or its author identity specific casting requirements.  SUNY Geneseo’s Theatre program does not now, nor has it ever, permitted racist makeup of any kind to be used in its productions. 

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