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Theatre and Dance Faculty and Staff

Jaime Arena

Adjunct Instructor, Theatre

Office: Brodie 234

Phone: 585-245-5117

Ray Boucher

Visiting Instructor of Theatre

Office: Brodie 173 B

Phone: 585-245-5842

Jody DeLoria

Adjunct Instructor of Dance Studies



Nicolette Ferguson

Adjunct Instructor, Dance Studies



Johnnie Ferrell

Chair of Theatre and Dance, Technical Director, Lighting and Sound Designer

Office: Brodie 173A

Phone: (585) 245-5844

Deborah French

Adjunct Instructor of Dance Studies



Randy Barbara Kaplan

Professor of Theatre

Office: Brodie 173D

Phone: 585-245-5806

Jonette Lancos

Professor of Dance Studies, Academic Coordinator of Dance Studies Program, Artistic Director of Dance Ensemble

Office: Brodie 164

Phone: 585-245-5843

Matthew Nicosia

Adjunct Lecturer of Theatre and Dance

Office: Brodie 234

Phone: 245-5117

Bonita Stubblefield

Lecturer, Theatre Costume Designer

Office: Brodie 173C

Phone: 585-245-5832