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Theatre Major Information

Total credit hours to complete major: 43

No audition is necessary.

Basic Requirements

Total credit hours to complete basic requirements: 31

  • THEA 129 Stagecraft (1 Credit)
  • THEA 130 F/Introduction to Technical Theatre (3 Credits)
  • THEA 140 F/Play Analysis for the Theatre (3 Credits)
  • THEA 202 F/History of Theatre to the 17th Century (3 Credits)
  • THEA 203 F/History of Theatre Since the 17th Century (3 Credits)
  • one of: THEA 204 F/M/Asian Theatre Survey OR DANC 211 F/M/Cultural Dance of Asian Peoples (3 Credits)
  • THEA 221 Acting I (3 Credits)
  • THEA 241 Fundamentals of Design (3 Credits)
  • THEA 260 Theatre Practicum* (3 Credits: *1 credit in acting and 2 credits in technical/costume assistance, or 2 credits in technical/costume assistance)
  • THEA 305 Topics in Theatre History (3 Credits)
  • THEA 311 Directing I (3 Credits)

Elective Requirements

Total credit hours to complete elective requirements: 12

Select four from the following list:

  • DANC 211 F/M/Cultural Dance of Asian People (if not used to satisfy Basic Requirement)
  • THEA 204 F/M/Asian Theatre (if not used to satisfy Basic Requirement)
  • THEA 224 Acting Techniques (May be repeated for a total of 4 hours)
  • THEA 225 Production Stage Management
  • THEA 233 Stage Make-up
  • THEA 234 F/Costume History
  • THEA 235 Costume Construction
  • THEA 236 Scene Painting
  • THEA 290 London Theatre Seminar
  • THEA 310 Playwriting
  • THEA 320 Acting II
  • THEA 321 Directing II
  • THEA 330 Acting III (May be repeated for a total of 6 hours)
  • THEA 333 Technical Direction
  • THEA 342 Scene Design I
  • THEA 343 Scene Design II
  • THEA 344 Lighting Design I
  • THEA 345 Lighting Design II
  • THEA 346 Costume Design
  • THEA 347 Sound Design
  • THEA 390 Theatre Seminar
  • THEA 399 Directed Study: Senior Project

Minimum Competence Requirement

A grade of C- or better is required for each of the following courses: all required courses, whether basic, elective, or focus.

Department Writing Requirement

All theatre majors write in all theatre courses, but the style and content of the writing varies widely based upon the course topic.  Examples include journals, concept statements, dramatic fiction, production analyses, character analyses, and traditional research papers, such as one might find in any other course in the humanities.  In the required theatre history sequence of four courses (THEA 202, 203, 204, 305), students write traditional research papers combining theatrical history with the study of dramatic literature and criticism.  In the process, students learn to read primary and secondary sources closely, to conduct academic research, and to write essays with a well-argued thesis and properly documented sources.