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Theatre and Dance Alumni Profiles

The senior faculty of the SUNY-Geneseo Department of Theatre and Dance proudly showcases our alumni.

Many, though by no means all, either majored or minored in Theatre, Theatre/English, or Dance, or completed School of Education Concentrates in Theatre or Dance. However, it is important to note that many others came to Brodie Hall seeking to augment their studies in every other discipline on campus from Anthropology to Women's Studies; refine their verbal, organizational, and writing skill sets; and expand their understanding of the human experience and their own creative potential. Some have pursued artistic careers, others represent a broad spectrum of professional achievements. All who contributed, however, explain here in their own words how the Theatre and Dance Department has been instrumental in empowering them to achieve their professional goals and how their SUNY-Geneseo Theatre and Dance experiences have enhanced their personal and professional lives.

We are proud of their successes and grateful for their support of the Department of Theatre and Dance and the College. These photos and statements are also posted as a rotating exhibit in Brodie Hall between the Alice Austin and the Robert Sinclair ("Black Box") Theatres. The alumni represented have been selected by the senior Theatre and Dance faculty. They must have been graduated for at least five years and represent the "best of our best" during their time at Geneseo and in their post-undergraduate careers.

If you would like to suggest an alumnus/alumna, please feel welcome to contact Professor Randy Barbara Kaplan:


Stephanie Brush, Class of 1995
Anna Neaphyte, Class of 1995
Melanie Aceto, Class of 1995
Joe Lomonaco, Class of 1993
Lillian Murphy, Class of 1991
Jonathan Hefter, Class of 1993
Keira Edwards Maher, Class of 1993
Christopher Duggan, Class of 1993
Brendan Burke, Class of 1992
Stefanie (Henkin) Gunning, Class of 1992
Jeff Zampino, Class of 1992
Eileen Buerkert, Class of 1991
Don Scim?, Class of 1988
Steve Bonnadonna, Class of 1988
Merete Muenter, Class of 1986


Alizon Baretsky Santamaria, Class of 2004
Luke Sworts, Class of 2004
Melissa Lauricella Bergstrom, Class of 2005
Chuk Obasi, Class of 2005
Fiona Lee, Class of 2004
Kylie Pike Fassler, Class of 2004
Chaelon Costello, Class of 2003
Michel Marrano, Class of 2002
Carl Marcelo, Class of 2001
Hara Kang, Class of 2005


Lauren Pajer, Class of 2010
Shazia Sohrawardy, Class of 2009
Dan Fenaughty, Class of 2008
Kaleigh Schwartz, Class of 2008
Dana LePage Stallard, Class of 2008
"Brodie-ite" Alumni Couple, Renne Madathil and Luke Sworts
Renee Madathil, Class of 2007
Renee M. Hartz, Class of 2007
Heather Acomb, Class of 2006
Marissa Mulder, Class of 2006
Ian Laskowski, Class of 2006
Tara L. Kaczorowski (Conroy), Class of 2006
John N. Kaczorowski, Class of 2007
Joan V. Monplaisir, Class of 2006
Mike Rosengarten, Class of 2006
Nancy Kim, Class of 2006
Dave Gordon, Class of 2006
Marisa Fratto, Class of 2006
Todd Quick, Class of 2006
Caitlin Buschner, Class of 2006
Erin Zimmerman, Class of 2007
Chris LaBanca, Class of 2006
Michael D. Porter, Class of 2006

Alumni from the Class of 1980 to the Class of 2010


Lauren Pajer


Alizon Baretsky Santamaria


Heather Acomb


Shazia Sohrawardy


Dan Fenaughty


Kaleigh Schwartz


Dana LePage Stallard


Ian Laskowski



Tara L. Kaczorowski (Conroy)


Renee M. Hartz

Frank S. Lin