Faculty Advisement and Student Responsibilities:

The concept of culture... our understanding of the past... our biological and
cultural potential and constraints...
the uniqueness of language...
Make ANTHROPOLOGY a broad... challenging...interesting field of intellectual study. 
The study of ANTHROPOLOGY leads to a VARIETY of skills applicable to
a VARIETY of careers.  If you build your undergraduate program,
you will be prepared for further study...
(MA, PhD, professional degree programs) and/or the work world.

You must take responsibility for your program of study and life-long work/life goals.

The faculty in the department are here to assist you... but MAJOR decisions and choices are up to you.


Offer genuine interest in and respect for each individual student major and minor.  Know each student individually.

Utilize the departmental advisement process to the full degree possible.  Enrich advisement to make it the key point of articulation for the major/minor with the department.

Endeavor to work with each Anthropology major and minor on planning of specific steps toward the fulfillment of career and life goals.  Offer guidance and evaluation of program and career planning.

Provide each student with a wide range of challenging opportunities both within and supplementary to the Anthropology program, to stimulate intellectual and personal growth and development.

Encourage and support student responsibility for decision-making and goal-setting.

Encourage and make clear the faculty expectation of responsible behavior and intellectual effort and integrity in all departmental activities.


Demonstrate genuine interest in and involvement with your own chosen program.

Take full advantage of the opportunity of becoming well grounded in the “four fields” of anthropology.

Take full advantage of the many opportunities to be involved with your peers, professors and department, outside the classroom.

Bring to all classes and assignments an attitude of performing at maximum potential.  Expend effort in order to attain excellence.

Learn to set meaningful goals for yourself, to monitor your progress and to attain your goals.  Where you fall short or have to modify goals, always learn from these experiences and try to  improve.

Conduct yourself professionally and with honesty and integrity in all academic activities.