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Equity-Minded Leadership Certificate

The Equity-Minded Leadership Certificate is designed to provide a foundation in concepts of identity, power, intersectionality, and action. Participation will empower students to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in their communities. Change, even on small-scale levels, is impactful in a large way. Students can apply the knowledge and skills developed through this certificate to their cultural clubs, Greek organizations, residence halls, campus employment, athletic teams, academic departments, and more.

Equity-Minded Leadership

Upon completion of the program, participants will:

  • Understand the value of and effective strategies for allyship;

  • Develop intrapersonal (e.g., self-awareness, etc.) and interpersonal (e.g., communication, etc.) inclusive leadership skills;

  • Gain skills and knowledge necessary for career preparedness;

  • Recognize intersectional and cross-cultural perspectives;

  • Practice conflict resolution skills;

  • Contribute to dialogue about campus climate;

  • Share testimonials about their experiences on campus;

  • Engage in opportunities to teach and develop facilitation skills

The Equity-Minded Leadership Certificate will be awarded upon completion of the required workshops and four elective workshops:

The Basics: Understanding Social Identity

  • Foundations in Social Identity  (required)
  • Intragroup/Caucus dialogues 
  • Equity-Minded Leadership Identity Development 

Intersectionality and Power

  • Developing Intergroup Relationships (required)
  • Trans 2.0: Gender Privilege, and Misconceptions 
  • Black & Queer: Understanding our Culture, Contributions, and Struggles 

Allyship and Action

  • Equity vs. Equality (required)
  • Being an Ally vs. Being an Accomplice 
  • Cultivating Community 
  • Green Dot 

Capstone: Application to Leadership Allyship and Action

  • Practices and Application in Equity-Minded Leadership (required)