Planning & Initiatives

Planning & Initiatives

The President's Commission on Diversity

Geneseo recognizes that the individuals who make up our community bring to it unique perspectives and knowledge that contribute to its richness and vibrancy. We recognize that Geneseo's progress as a community is predicated on its ability to embrace both the diversity of its members and the vigorous exchange of their ideas. The President's Commission on Diversity seeks to aid the college in the ongoing work of continually recreating a sense of inclusion, belonging, and empowerment, so that together we will achieve our individual and collective aims, and experience the intellectual liberation that is at the heart of the educational enterprise.

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The President's Commission on Environmental Sustainability

The college understands that sustainability is a process of building support for societal and intergenerational equity and a shared sense of responsibility for the ethical stewardship of our social and natural environment. Aided by the work of the Presidential Commission on Environmental Sustainability, SUNY Geneseo calls upon all members of our community to embrace sustainability as a core value, including a commitment to its constitutive principles of ecological, social, and economic justice. Through teaching, research, service, and institutional conduct we strive to nurture the values, skills and knowledge necessary to sustain and enhance human and non-human life on the planet.

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The Strategic Planning Group

The Strategic Planning Group (SPG) will define overarching goals for the College, evaluate priorities and, where appropriate, recommend new or revised goals and strategies that will strengthen the mission of the College. SPG will review the goals of the College and its constituent units to ensure that they are in keeping with the Vision and Mission Statements and will regularly review the College's progress towards these goals. The Strategic Planning Group will make all of its recommendations directly to the President.

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