Onondaga Hall

Onondaga Hall is Geneseo's largest residence hall, home to 400 first-year students. Just steps from the newly renovated Red Jacket Dining Hall, Onondaga is part of the South Village, a ring of residence halls that form a lively hub of student activity. Onondaga is also the home of the South Village Counseling center, which provides convenient access to health and counseling services.

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Quick Facts

  • Corridor-style with double rooms
  • 400 students
  • All first-year students
  • First-Year Experience LLC
  • South Village Counseling Center
  • Has RA for wellness

Additional Information

  • Onondaga is a corridor-style hall with double rooms and bathrooms shared per floor.
  • The two wings (Onondaga North and Onondaga South) each have at least three lounge rooms, a huge lounge space on the first floor (the Bull Pen), and a basement with a kitchen, laundry facilities, and gathering space (the Iroquois Room).
  • Onondaga Hall has a focus on first-year student wellness. There is a specialty RA position known as the resident advisor for wellness (RAW) housed in Onondaga Hall, and is specially trained in health and wellness to brings wellness education to all of South Village. In collaboration with the Department of Student Health and Counseling, Onondaga also houses the South Village Counseling Center in Onondaga South 203, and a Wellness Room in Onondaga North 203 with a self-care center.
  • Onondaga Hall is a First-Year Experience Living-Learning Community (LLC).

Learning Outcomes

Students living in Onondaga Hall will learn about and use campus resources in order to solve problems independently. Students living in Onondaga Hall will understand the foundations of relationship building through connections with other first year students. Students living in Onondaga Hall will identify and implement strategies to improve their overall wellness (physical, emotional, and mental wellness). Students living in Onondaga Hall will display resilience when faced with adversity during the transition from high school to college.

Onondaga Hall Values

Resilience | Connection | Inclusivity | Wellness

Contact Info

Service Desk: 585-245-6163 (x6163 on campus)
RA Duty Phone: 585-491-1802

Erica Doherty

Area Coordinator: Erica Doherty
Coordinator Phone: 585-245-5785
Coordinator Email: dohertye@geneseo.edu