Onondaga Hall

Onondaga Hall is Geneseo's largest residence hall, home to 350 students. Just steps from Roemer Arboretum and Red Jacket dining hall, Onondaga is part of the South Village, a ring of residence halls that form a lively hub of student activity.  Onondaga is also the home of some health & counseling resources, which provide convenient access to services for students. 

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Quick Facts

  • Corridor-style with double rooms
  • 350 students
  • Multiple lounges on each floor

Additional Information

  • Onondaga is a corridor-style hall with double rooms and bathrooms shared per floor.
  • The two wings (Onondaga North and Onondaga South) each have at least three lounge rooms, a huge lounge space on the first floor (the Bull Pen), and a basement with a kitchen, laundry facilities, and gathering space (the Den).
  • Onondaga has ample parking availability near the residence hall.
  • Main Lounge is not accessible.
  • Ground floor is not accessible. 

Contact Info

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